5 Challenges Outsourced HR Services Solve for HR Managers

by Employers Council Staff

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The importance of a strong HR department has never been more clear, says James McDonough, HR Research Consultant, Information Services. Steeped in both HR research and real-life reports from HR managers around the country, James says “the people taking care of people” got organizations through the pandemic—and the challenges are continuing for HR managers.  

“There’s a lot going on,” James said.  “We’re hearing employers are struggling and need help.”

One way to address ongoing HR challenges and avoid potential burnout is to bring on an outsourced HR partner, like Employers Council, to collaborate with internal human resources. James detailed the ways outsourced HR help can alleviate five common stressors for HR managers:

Solve staffing problems with outsourced HR services

“Right now, staffing is job priority number one,” said James. “It is so challenging for employers to get the employees they need to literally function.” 

From recruiting to maximizing performance to keeping current employees engaged, HR managers are dealing with staffing concerns on all fronts. A unique combination of once-in-a-generation outside stressors—labor supply and demand, pandemic disruptions, inflation, and more—have made formerly routine staffing tasks more difficult: The ways employers used to find applicants may not be working anymore. New employees are quitting at higher rates. Talented candidates can be easily enticed away with higher salaries, hybrid work opportunities and secondary benefits. 

“There are some mega forces that employers and many HR practitioners are just not equipped for,” said James. “They are at a loss and looking for help. They are looking for new approaches, new perspectives and guidance on what to do.” 

Comprehensive outsourced recruiting services like those Employers Council offers can help employers navigate the entire hiring lifecycle, from communicating your brand in recruitment materials to helping new employees acclimate. Going far beyond simple headhunting tasks, a good HR partner will work in parallel with your organization’s recruiting process to find you candidates that fit your culture. 

Clear onboarding hurdles with the help of HR consultants

At the end of the recruitment process, onboarding can make or break a successful hire. In less tight job markets, new employees had more tolerance for lax onboarding. Now, failing to fully support a new hire’s orientation can mean losing them to another employer within the first 90 days. The stakes are even higher when it comes to remote and hybrid new workers: Not only do they have specific tech needs, but new employee/employer bonds must be forged virtually.

“A couple of years ago [onboarding remote workers] wasn’t an issue,” James said. “It wasn’t even on the radar, but now employers want to know how to do all this virtually in a remote work environment.” 

Employers Council offers outsourced onboarding help in two ways: First, through consulting hours included in its Consulting and Enterprise Membership levels . Secondly, organizations can hire Employers Council on a pay-as-you-go basis to support all aspects of onboarding, from strategy to execution.

Stay on top of employment law changes through an external HR partner

Employers in states and cities with quickly changing employment laws (California, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, etc.) can feel overwhelmed reacting to the constant updates.

“There has been a tidal wave of new employment laws for employers to figure out and accommodate,” said James. “They are really extensive, dramatic changes and coming at a furious pace.”

Employers need a reliable, trustworthy source of guidance—and one that is staying ahead of all the legal curves! Employers Council not only offers members training and updates on new employment laws as they occur, but can help organizations respond to those changes quickly. In addition to Employers Council’s Legal Services, which offers legal advice and counsel, the association also has HR consultants who can help companies adapt to new regulations.  

“We have HR professionals who will go on site and do an audit of an organization’s practices and policies,” said James. “It can be as extensive or minimal as an employer wants. It’s helpful to have that fresh set of eyes coming in to connect the dots.” 

Harness outsourced HR to optimize compensation plans

Compensation planning is another pain point for many HR managers. Creating compelling total rewards packages—and making sure they are compliant with both federal and state laws—is a never-ending task. Especially in eras of high competition, a thoughtful compensation plan can mean the difference between attracting top talent and leaving essential positions unfilled. 

“Pay equity consultation and compensation planning go hand in hand,” said James. “That’s the kind of expertise and data collection that typically organizations cannot handle in house. They have to seek a third party.”

A well-chosen outsourced HR partner can provide more accurate job-matching analysis through deeper, more relevant and timely compensation data than most organizations can get on their own. A multidimensional provider, like Employers Council, can help companies with the full compensation spectrum, from preparing for a compensation study, to developing a plan, to supporting payroll—easing the burden of compensation administration. 

Develop leaders using outsourced HR coaching

Finally, James reports that many HR managers—and the leaders they work for—are feeling the cumulative pressure of the past few years. Add in the shift in power balances between employers and employees, and managers across the board are struggling to find their footing. 

“There is a recognition that leadership is really challenged and stressed at all levels to accommodate this disrupted world of abrupt, ongoing changes,” said James. “Supervisors are struggling with this new reality.”  

Many leaders are seeking to work in new ways, including moving to models based on coaching, supporting and guiding instead of managing. Leaders want to level up their skills, especially when it comes to conflict resolution and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) issues. 

Tapping into outsourced HR tools can be a key leadership development shortcut. Employers Council not only offers in-person, virtual and on-demand training, but one-on-one coaching and a variety of organizational development supports. 

HR managers don’t have to carry the weight of change management on their own: Finding the right outsourced HR partner can give organizations the upward momentum they need to thrive in challenging times.

Are you an HR manager struggling with any of the above challenges? Don’t go it alone: Explore Employers Council’s outsourced HR services

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