It has been a pleasure partnering with the Employers Council these many years. 

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For over 70 years, Employers Council has been providing compensation and benefit data to employers, along with consultation and advice, to allow you to make the best decisions for your workplace based on sound experience and reliable data.

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Employers Council's library of resources and our staff's in-depth knowledge help employers stay in compliance and better manage the risks you face.

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Employers Council has tools to guide you in measuring employee performance and improving productivity, adding to your bottom line.

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Who We Serve

We serve employers of all sizes by responding to requests for assistance with timely, considered advice and providing all the tools necessary to attract, hire, train, and retain the best possible workforce.


Who We Are

Employers Council is more than 200 legal and HR professionals with experience and expertise in every facet of human resources and employment law. We are easily accessible and well equipped to address your issues.



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Emerging Economic Trends in the U.S. and Colorado

Join Employers Council and special guest, Sam Chapman for an exclusive members-only session as we discuss the quickly changing economy... Read More

Public Employers Conference

This annual conference addresses unique issues HR professionals face who work for government or quasi-government agencies... Read More

Utah Compensation Survey Briefing Session

Learn how your organization can use valuable data excerpted from our 2018 Utah Benchmark Compensation Survey in planning your compensation strategy... Read More

PHR/SPHR/aPHR Study Programs

PHR/SPHR/aPHR Study Programs

These interactive study courses assist in preparing for the exam. The employment attorneys and HR professionals are subject matter experts and use an assortment of teaching techniques... Read More


Recent News

Handling Sexual Harassment Complaints Against Patients in the Health Care Industry

Employers Council is receiving increased communication from members about sexual harassment in the workplace. Generally, most of the allegations have centered around two or more employees. But what should Human Resources (HR) professionals who work in the health care industry do in instances where the alleged harasser is a patient? Moreover, what if the patient... Read more »

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The Hard Facts of Soft Skills

The Skills Gap continues to make its presence known in today’s workforce. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the current national unemployment rate at 4.1 percent, down .6 percent over the past year. In the West, it ranges from a high of 4.5 percent in Arizona to a low of 3.1 percent in Colorado and... Read more »

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Colorado Supreme Court Clarifies Filing Period for Wage Claims

Employers and their legal counsel received clarification regarding the applicable filing period, or statute of limitations, for wage claims brought under the Colorado Wage Act (CWA). The issue arose from ambiguity in the CWA regarding the operation of two of its sections: 103 and 109. Sec. 103 applies to wages earned by employees during the... Read more »

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