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Federal Contractors: Stay compliant & ensure equal employment opportunities

Affirmative Action Plans (AAPs) are required by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) for certain federal contractors. AAPs compare an organization’s demographics with that of their surroundings and highlight any significant differences. Through creating accurate and thorough AAPs, organizations can both fulfill the law and have confidence their workforce accurately reflects the demographics of the qualified available workforce in their market.

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Understanding Federal Contractor Status and Affirmative Action Requirements

We can help you ensure compliance with all affirmative action requirements.

Learn more about understanding if your organization qualifies as a federal contractor and how we can help.

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Creating an AAP can be a complex process

Tracking and analyzing the necessary data can be complicated, especially for organizations crafting an AAP for the first time. Top challenges include:

  • Data collection: AAPs need demographic information for all employees and considered applicants.
  • Accurate interpretation: AAP calculations require special software and expert analysis.
  • Organizational bandwidth: AAP creation is labor-intensive, not to mention the time it takes to design and enact “active efforts” to address any indicators.
  • Audits: Subpar AAP preparation (or not having one at all) can result in increased reporting requirements, loss of contractor status and/or penalty referrals to other agency.

Does your organization need to create an AAP?

A full spectrum of support

No matter where you are at in your AAP process, Employers Council’s affirmative action attorneys have the experience to guide you.

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AAP Preparation

We can help create your AAP from scratch and/or assist you through specific roadblocks.

AAP Reviews

Does your current AAP meet legal compliance standards?

AAP Training

We can teach your staff how to create an accurate and effective AAP.

Assistance Implementing an AAP

You know where your indicators are. What now? We can help you design and implement active efforts to address equal employment opportunity issues.

OFCCP Compliance Audits

Our attorneys can help you respond to a compliance audit appropriately.

Why hire Employers Council attorneys

High quality data is the foundation of all our AAP services. That’s why we confidently stand by our work, guiding you through every step of the process. Our specialists are adept data scrubbers, and our Affirmative Action consultants often work with the same organizations for long periods of time, building deep knowledge and invested relationships.

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Determining Potential Affirmative Action Obligations

This members-only resource will walk you through 13 questions to determine whether you are legally required to have an affirmative action plan registered and certified by the OFCCP.

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My Organization Just Reached 50 Employees — What Do I Need To Do?

In general, federal contractors with 50+ employees and $50,000 in contracts are required to have an AAP. But crossing the 50-employee threshold triggers increased regulation for all employers.

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Federal Agency Revises Compensation Analysis Directive

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