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Benchmark Survey Data

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Employers Council has been gathering and distributing survey data since 1947. Our diverse membership enables us to gather information on a wide variety of topics and segment that data into meaningful, useful information for our members. Quality data are essential to make good decisions that drive desired results. For compensation and benefits planning, and many other employment practices, Employers Council members have relied on our surveys for decades. A team of seasoned and dedicated survey experts collect and validate the data to ensure accuracy. Providing data breakouts by industry, geographic area, and other relevant factors, our compensation and benefits surveys provide “apples to apples” comparisons so members can accurately identify marketplace conditions and strategically benchmark budgeting and business decisions. Contact the Surveys team with questions and special requests to confidently make key decisions.

Survey categories:
  • Benchmark Compensation (Geographic, Industry, Employment Size)
  • Industry Compensation (Health care, public employers, technology, etc.)
  • Benefits and Policies
  • HR Metrics
  • Salary Budgeting

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Benchmark and Industry Surveys

Employers Council is a resource for business, economic, and human resource information used in the development of HR policies, benefit design, and compensation plans. Our surveys focus on compensation, benefits, policies, and HR metrics in specific geographic areas and industries.

  • Benchmark Compensation
  • HR Metrics
  • Health, Welfare, and Retirement Plans
  • Miscellaneous Benefits and Pay Practices
  • Planning Packet
  • Paid Time Off Policies
  • Architects Compensation and Benefits
  • Construction Compensation
  • Financial Services Compensation
  • Health Care/Clinic Compensation and Pay Practices
  • Hospitality Compensation
  • Housing Authority/Property Management Compensation
  • Information Technology Compensation
  • Mental/Behavioral Health Compensation
  • Non-Profit/Foundation Compensation
  • Public Employers Compensation
  • Rural Electric Association Compensation and Benefits
  • Sales Compensation and Personnel Practices - National

Participate in Employers Council Surveys

We continually collect data for our surveys. Contact our Surveys team with your questions about your organization’s participation.

Benchmark Data FAQs
What is the advantage of having a third party conduct compensation and benefit surveys?

Antitrust laws prohibit wage-fixing or similar practices among competing employers. The U.S. Department of Justice advises organizations to use a third party to gather information about compensation and benefit practices and to take steps to prevent misuse of the data. Employers Council’s survey data collection and dissemination practices comply with legal requirements while reporting key metrics in a useful manner.

Who conducts Employers Council’s surveys?

Employers Council has a dedicated team of experienced Survey Specialists who act as third party data collectors. We continually adapt our surveys to meet the ever changing needs of compensation and benefit professionals within the business community. We welcome feedback any time to improve or initiate new surveys.

How do I access the results of a survey?

Eligible organizations can access surveys by contacting the surveys department for assistance.

Can I share survey results with other organizations?

No. Employers Council surveys are not to be shared with other organizations or used with outside consultants without permission. Survey reports should be used solely by members or authorized purchasers to assist in guiding the effective management of compensation or benefit programs within their organization.

What if I want a special cut of data?

Employers Council wants you to have the data you need to make informed decisions. Organizations may obtain a Customized Survey Analysis (CSA) from any of our compensation or benefit surveys. A CSA allows an organization to compare their compensation and/or benefits against an aggregate data line of selected organizations of their choice or by a specific survey demographic. A CSA can be requested for any or all jobs or benefit questions in a survey. Contact the Surveys Team to discuss your unique CSA needs.

What if I need a compensation plan or benefit analysis?

Employers Council’s Compensation Consulting Service can create a well-designed and custom total compensation plan to best fit your needs. Employers Council’s compensation consultants utilize a standard methodology that identifies objectives, deliverables, and specific approaches for each phase of the project. For more information visit Compensation Plans.

Employers Council Surveys staff are available for assistance:

A Surveys Specialist can provide

– a personalized orientation to survey resources
– assistance with completing questionnaire
– assistance with locating specific data in our surveys
– assistance with reviewing survey results and making sense of the numbers

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What Members Are Saying

We have been relying heavily on the products and services of Employers Council for years, and particularly appreciate your team’s exemplary work during this time of COVID-19. Thanks!

Amy Blagriff, Honorary AIA, Chief Operating Officer - AIA Colorado

I couldn’t do my job as well as I do without you and your team there to support me.

Cynthia Q Yeldell, Compensation Analyst - Total Rewards

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