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Employers Council has been gathering and distributing survey data since 1947. Our diverse membership enables us to gather information on a wide variety of topics and segment that data into meaningful, useful information for our members. Quality data are essential to make good decisions that drive desired results. For compensation and benefits planning, and many other employment practices, Employers Council members have relied on our surveys for decades. A team of seasoned and dedicated survey experts collect and validate the data to ensure accuracy. Breaking out data by industry, geographic area, and other relevant factors allows “apples to apples” comparisons so members can accurately identify marketplace conditions and strategically benchmark budgeting and business decisions. Members have access to reports prepared by our survey team and a powerful self-service tool to create custom reports. Have a niche survey need? The team can help with that, too.

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Employers Council partners with Payscale to give our members access to PEER, a robust, easy-to-use, self-service data tool. In addition to the reports our survey team runs, members can filter data on-demand to answer their most pressing questions.

  • Comprehensive, validated data from both Employers Council members and Payscale.
  • Real-time data is constantly updated, so you can make decisions with current information.
  • Filter by zip code, region, industry, job titles, and more to create unlimited custom reports.
  • PEER is free for all members. We ask Core and Consulting members to participate in our surveys for access. Enterprise members receive access regardless of survey participation.  

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Benchmark Data FAQs

Who conducts Employers Council’s surveys?

Employers Council has a dedicated team of experienced Survey Specialists who act as third party data collectors. We continually adapt our surveys to meet the ever changing needs of compensation and benefit professionals within the business community. We welcome feedback any time to improve or initiate new surveys. Through partnership with Payscale PEER, our members can now also generate unlimited custom reports with an easy-to-use self-service tool.

How do I access the results of a survey?

Members can access survey resources through Member Central, in their member survey resources tab. Members can contact the survey team for instructions on setting up their Payscale PEER custom dashboard.

I couldn’t do my job as well as I do without you and your team there to support me.
Cynthia Q Yeldell, Compensation Analyst, Total Rewards
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Talk to our survey team about available survey resources, how to interpret our prepared reports, how to set up and use the self-service data tool, participating in our surveys, and/or any niche survey needs. Members, remember you can find all your survey resources under the survey tab at Member Central.