Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a necessary, and often positive, element of a healthy and innovative organization. Unfortunately, ongoing, unresolved and/or escalating conflict likely impacts not only those directly involved, but also productivity, the team environment, customer perceptions and the bottom line.

When conflict escalates, Employers Council can help your organization address it directly and professionally. Our Conflict Resolution Service assesses the circumstances and then gives objective and practical guidance. We provide organizations with the tools to rebuild damaged working relationships while remaining goal-oriented and future focused.

Our Conflict Resolution Services

  • Group Level Assessments
  • Workplace Mediation
  • Team/Group Facilitation
  • Workplace Coaching

Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation services provide a confidential process where a qualified/certified, neutral, and independent mediator facilitates a conversation between people involved in an interpersonal conflict, ongoing disagreement, or dispute. The workplace mediators’ role is to serve as a skilled listener, facilitator and interpersonal dynamics and communication resource and to provide a structured process that assists with establishing communication norms, identifying core issues and needs, developing options, and guiding the involved parties to determine mutually agreeable solutions.

Mediation provides a safe space and structure for parties to begin to see a bigger picture perspective about the relationship dynamic and understand their role or contribution to the conflict. Through guidance from a skilled and experienced mediator, parties to the mediation may practice:

  • Critical communication skills
  • Self-reflection and self-awareness
  • Key empathy skills
  • Engaging in dialogue to co-create a path to resolution
  • Tools to begin a new, more effective working relationship

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Workplace Mediation FAQs

Who is Workplace Mediation for?

Following are some potential if not common parties who have utilized and benefited from the support of Conflict and Workplace Mediation. Mediation can be a viable and needed intervention when conflict arises between or within:

  • Board Members
  • Senior Leaders or Leadership Teams
  • Founders / Owners
  • Various levels of Managers
  • Staff and Managers
  • Teams and Groups
Why is it important to the bottom line for organizations to provide a conflict resolution solution?

Following are potential benefits of reduced conflict and having an organization whose leaders and employees are more skilled at navigating difficult workplace and interpersonal dynamics:

  • Savings of time and money, and restored productivity
  • Reduced costs compared with litigation, hiring and firing
  • Stronger team connection and improved collaboration
  • A way to begin to heal relationships which fosters collaboration and innovation
Shouldn’t I just expect that employees will work it out and get along?

Not always. Interpersonal conflict between employees can be damaging for the organization’s bottom line and tends to be a significant distraction for managers and front-line employees alike. Here are some interesting statistics regarding workplace conflict:

  • 60-80% of all difficulties in organizations stem from strained relationships between employees, not from deficits in individual employee’s skill or motivation
  • 85% of employees experience some kind of conflict
  • At least 25-40% of HR and a leader’s time each week is spent just addressing (not resolving) interpersonal conflicts
  • 60% of employees never receive basic conflict management classes or training for conflict resolution in the workplace
  • 49% of workplace conflict happens as a result of personality clashes and egos
  • 27% of employees have seen personal attacks arise from conflicts

Source: Psychology Today

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Employers Council offers a broad range of innovative training options to help your organization develop your employees. Employees can select classes from our catalog of offerings or contact us to learn more about tailoring our training programs for private group training designed to meet your specific business needs and priorities.

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Our Members Include

I attended the harassment prevention workshop put on by Employers Council, and I wanted to share my praise for the presenter. I was skeptical about whether I would learn anything I didn't already know, but she presented the information in thought-provoking and nuanced ways. She answered questions well and had us do an activity that enlivened the presentation. As an academic, I particularly appreciated the way that she was able to address the issues intellectually and not simply give us an "information dump." Anyway, I was impressed with what I expected to be a boring presentation. - Professor, Regis University

Professor - Regis University

Our handbook needed to be updated. We had done minor revisions over the years, but more policies than we needed crept into the handbook over time. I wanted to keep what was important and get rid of the rest. I sent my handbook to Employers Council and staff went through all of the policies to first let me know what could be eliminated, and what needed to change in order to bring it up to date. The best thing was that this is part of my full membership dues, so there was no charge for this. I send in my handbook every one or two years for a tune up, so it reflects current laws and stays streamlined.

Lynnette Siedschlaw, HR Director - Moffat County

As I faced some difficult employee problems over the years, I knew that I could reach out to Employers Council and get some good solid advice in how to handle a situation. In the 20 years if have been working in HR I don’t believe I was ever given bad advice. I may not have always agreed with what the counsel was, but I never put myself or the company in a compromising position by following your advice and recommendations.

Joe Maylin, Human Resources Manager - Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co.

Being able to reach out to someone on the Member Experience Team when something comes up and we're just not sure how to handle it is amazing. We have help just a phone call or an email away, and everyone that we have worked with has been so responsive, understanding, and helpful.

Sarah Swanty, Founder and Executive Director - Animal Friends Alliance

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Employers Council is dedicated to helping HR professionals, executives, legal teams, and other professions across a broad array of employment law, compliance, and HR needs. We serve organizations of all sizes and all industries, and our membership options are designed to custom-fit your size and needs. We also provide a broad range of specialized legal services, training, coaching, and outsourced HR services to help your organization build an exceptional workplace.

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Founded over 80 years ago, Employers Council has a team of nearly 200 licensed attorneys, trainers, coaches and seasoned HR professionals on staff to help you get the most out of your membership, Our membership options give you choices and equip you with  easy and fast access to the resources you need to make informed business decisions.

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