5 Ways Employers Council Keeps You Updated on Employment Law Changes

by Employers Council Staff

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Labor and employment law is an ever-shifting legal landscape; human resource professionals can struggle to maintain steady footing as rules and regulations change. Especially when daily HR administrative tasks keep schedules packed, it’s hard to find time to scan the legal news horizon for what’s ahead. That’s where Employers Council comes in. Our legal services team is immersed in the latest employment law updates day in and day out. 

Yes, we provide affirmative action, labor relations, pay equity, administrative representation, and California-specific legal services.  But Employers Council also makes it simple to stay on top of recent legal developments in labor and employment law—and understand how they impact your organization. Here are five resources that can cut down on your individual legal research time and significantly boost your employment law knowledge: 

Employment Law Webinars

Designed for convenient attendance from your desk (and on-demand viewing and reviewing afterward), our employment law webinars keep you schooled on the newest employment law changes. 

The next installment is “Legislative Update: What You Need to Know,” the second webinar in Employers Council’s Exceptional Workplace Series. On June 16, our attorneys will debrief attendees on some big cases and new regulations impacting businesses right now. They’ll touch on new government agency attention on retaliation rules, OSHA’s fresh heat-related illness regulations, the FAIR Act of 2022 still in play, and more. The webinar is free for members, $59 for non-members, and will be available for replay after June 16.  


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Virtual Employment Law Training

Employers Council has a training catalog stacked with opportunities to advance your understanding of employment law and legal issues that affect the workplace. There are both live and on-demand online workshops available. Some of the most popular employment law training classes are: 

Harassment Prevention Training

With on-demand and live virtual options, these training opportunities include classes specifically designed for supervisors and employees and state-specific training for organizations in Arizona, California, Colorado and Utah. (Search the catalog for “harassment.”)

Legal Issues for Supervisors and Managers

Held regularly, this virtual training covers important employment law issues relevant to those in leadership positions, including interviewing, civil rights, accommodations, safety considerations, pay practices and more. (Search the catalog for “legal issues.”)

FMLA: A Guide for Human Resources

This online class helps HR professionals navigate the complicated twists and turns of Family Medical Leave Act compliance. (Search the catalog for “FMLA.”)

Wage and Hour Law: Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Learn the ins and outs of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) with this comprehensive class that covers regulations, case law, the Department of Labor’s enforcement efforts and more.  (Search the catalog for “FLSA”).

Onsite, Customized Legal Issues Training

In addition to our extensive training catalog, Employers Council attorneys can also go on-site for in-person versions of popular virtual trainings tailored to your needs, harassment prevention customized for your location, or bespoke workshops on legal issues that impact your business. 

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Employment Law White Papers

Employers Council members have access to a library of constantly updated white papers on labor and employment law. If there’s a legal issue currently affecting your business, you can bet there’s an Employers Council staff member already sharing their insights in the member resource library


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