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Our Human Resource Professional Staff consultants are Employers Council employees who have the full resources of Employers Council at their fingertips. We are available to come to your location when you want, for as long as you want, to do what you want in a timely and cost-effective fashion.

Employers Council Human Resources Professional Staff perform ongoing HR managment and specialized projects in organizations large and small. Human Resource Professional consultants often team with our other Employers Council professionals on multidiscliplinary projects, providing a highly efficient way of delivering our services.

Expert HR Partners

Whether you are a small non-profit or a large corporate headquarters, Employers Council offers onsite and virtual back-office Human Resources support. Our Human Resources Professional Service provides our members with expertise across all functional and strategic areas of HR. Our consultants have significant experience in many areas, including:

  • Staffing and Recruiting,
  • Employee Relations,
  • Benefit Administration
  • HRIS systems support.

If you have turnover and need recruiting help, HRPS can support your recruiting process. We can provide the entire recruiting process for you, or provide as much or as little support as you require. HRPS has particular expertise in implementing Applicant Tracking Systems. Unlike large agencies, we charge by the time used, not by placement, so you only pay for what you need.

A lot of what a good HR department does is minimize risk. HRPS provides I9 auditing to ensure compliance. We also can support the entire HR function with a complete audit, including:

  • Record Keeping,
  • Compliance,
  • Salary and Benefit Audits,
  • HRIS audits.

We provide noot just a review of your current practices but actionable advice on how to improve efficiencies and ensure compliance.

At the day-to-day level, HRPS can assist you with:

  • Garnishments,
  • Payroll Processing,
  • Benefits Administration,
  • Hotline services.

Our consultants have extensive knowledge of developing and implementing Employee Handbooks that are both compliant and contain the latest best practices.

For those highly sensitive and complex issues, our consultants can support or provide mediation services. For sensitive matters that require legal privilege, we partner with Employers Council staff attorneys.

When your organization needs to realign staff to better meet current requirements, part of our service includes Careet Transition Services. Experienced Career Coaches provide both on-on-one coaching and group workshops for transition employees. We also provide training for staff including best practices for any reduction in force.

From Recruiting and Staffing, and Onboarding to Career Pathing, and Succession Planning we can be your additional HR department.

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HR Strategy Should Plan for Both the Short-Term and Long-Term

Strategic HR planning answers three fundamental questions:

  1. 1. Where are we now? Evaluate your current strategic position, by viewing the overall knowledge, skill, and abilities of employees in the organization, and clarify your mission, vision, and values, and how that aligns with your human capitol.
  2. 2. Where are we going? Assess your competitive advantage and clearly describe the direction your organization is headed and whether the workforce you have is the workforce you need to get there.
  3. 3. How will we get there? Lay out the pathway to connect where you are now to where you are going. Set your strategic objectives, goals, and action items and how you will execute and communicate your plan so that your organization has the employees it needs to reach these goals.

A strategic plan is invaluable in laying out company’s goals, demonstrating why they are important, uncovering ways to improve performance and sparking insights for solving organizational problems. Your HR strategic plan is more than just a lens to examine your business. The plan is an essential tool for communicating and connecting people and the work they do and to the organization’s mission and vision.

HR Strategy Should Match Business Goals

Talent management interacts with business planning, and this should guide your talent management priorities.  HR professionals need to think strategically, using appropriate measures and metrics to inform decisions and to formulate human capital plans based on real data and comprehensive forecasting models. It is not enough to run from fire to fire each day: we must understand the “business” of our organizations and align HR, and all of its functions and practices, with the organizational mission, vision, strategy, and goals.


How to Ensure your HR Strategy Matches Your Business Plan

One tool business-savvy HR personnel use to help their companies is an environmental scan. This tool takes into account various external forces such as demographics, economics, environmental influences, politics, social issues, international climate, and technological advances. After identifying general trends in each of these areas, HR applies them to the organization to determine how to adjust strategy to best position the organization for the future.

A SWOT analysis is another common tool. It consists of identifying the business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The strengths and weaknesses are internal organizational factors, while opportunities and threats are external forces that shape the market and the organization’s competition. Applying this information makes the HR function a key player in success. For example, with this knowledge, HR can help an organization remain viable following the decline phase of its life cycle by evolving in keeping with a changing market.

There are also other tips to make HR better – we have more information on our website and we offer classes as well.


What you Should Handle Internally vs. Externally

The first question is when to hire a person dedicated to HR. The median HR-to-employee ratio last year hit 1.4 HR employees per 100 employees, according to a Bloomberg BNA study.  This fluctuates with the economy, dropping when employees are laid-off, and increasing when employees are hired during an expansion.

Small employers have higher HR staffing ratios as there must be at least one staff person to provide basic HR expertise.

HR outsource increasing, too. Nearly two-thirds of HR departments (63%) rely on outside vendors to handle at least one program. Once they test the waters, they tend to continue this practice. 

We can support you from the HR administrative level to an Interim HR Vice President.  Our consultants have the education and experience to either respond to your question with sound advice or lead your department during an absence or during a period of staff turnover. Our consultants have provided HR Manager support for short term and very long term assignments in both the public and private sectors.

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