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​​Employers Council offers online and in-person resources to help you comply with the many employment laws and regulations you face daily:

  • Employee Handbook Planning Guide: An employee handbook introduces employees to your culture, mission, and values, helps communicate what is expected of them, and helps communicate what they can expect from their employer. A well-built handbook also shows that your organization is in compliance with federal and state laws, and can help defend against any future employee claims. The employee handbook planning guide can help you build a handbook that represents your culture and values, while emphasizing the laws and policies that can help make your organization operate efficiently.

    Download a Sample of Our ​​Employee Handbook Guide

  • Employment law white papers (FYI's), laws and links: As an employer or an employee in charge of HR responsibilities, it can be difficult to find easy places to reference complex laws. To help you navigate the ever-changing world of HR, a membership with Employers Council provides you with access to in-depth white papers on hundreds of employment laws, HR topics, and links to official government sources – so you can make decisions confidently.

  • Employment Law Resource Guide: Blue Book: Sometimes a tips sheet or one-pager doesn't provide as much in-depth information as you need to make an informed decision. The Employment Law Resource Guide: Blue Book is a comprehensive employment law resource that covers nine major subject areas plus a state law addendum. Employers Council puts together separate editions for private and public employers, so you don't waste time researching laws that don't apply to your organization.

  • Health Care Reform Learning Zone: Having trouble choosing which health care plans you should offer or worried that your current plan isn't the right plan for your organization? The Health Care Reform Learning Zone provides resources for provisions of health care reform that impact employers and the group health plans they sponsor. That way you can make a decision today that will keep your organization (and employees) healthy tomorrow.

  • Federal Recordkeeping Retention Guide: Audits that turn up noncompliance can cost your organization thousands of dollars. Make sure you have the right information on file so you do not have to worry in the event of an investigation. A membership with Employers Council gives you access to the Federal Recordkeeping Retention Guide: a comprehensive resource on legal compliance and required disclosures . Learn what you need to keep and for how long for every federal law relating to employment.

  • Toolkits and checklists: The Employers Council member portal includes resources grouped by topic so you can quickly and comprehensively address an issue without having to perform multiple searches. These toolkits and checklists can help you maintain compliance year after year and confidently address new challenges as they come up.

  • CCHAnswersNow: Need a place you can go for state law information for all 50 states, along with sample policies and forms you can use? CCHAnswersNow is an online portal that provides in-depth analysis of HR, employment law and benefits issues, along with a library of resources, for employers across the United States.


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For over 70 years, Employers Council has been providing compensation and benefit data to employers, along with consultation and advice, to allow you to make the best decisions for your workplace based on sound experience and reliable data.

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Employers Council's library of resources and our staff's in-depth knowledge help employers stay in compliance and better manage the risks you face.

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Employers Council has tools to guide you in measuring employee performance and improving productivity, adding to your bottom line.

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We serve employers of all sizes by responding to requests for assistance with timely, considered advice and providing all the tools necessary to attract, hire, train, and retain the best possible workforce.


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Employers Council is more than 200 legal and HR professionals with experience and expertise in every facet of human resources and employment law. We are easily accessible and well equipped to address your issues.