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As a member, you have national compensation data in three separate surveys produced in coordination with other employer associations from around the country.  

  • National Wage & Salary Survey – a comprehensive source for comparative wage data for local areas of the country, which is especially useful for organizations with operations in multiple regions, for national recruiting and for adjusting pay rates for transferred employees. 
  • National IT & Engineering Compensation Survey – a presentation of compensation data submitted by over 1,200 U.S. firms of varying sizes, geographic locations, and industries for 180 positions. 
  • National Sales Compensation Survey – an inclusive survey focusing solely on sales professionals and the unique ways organizations compensate these individuals, including data collected for positions in sales management, outside and inside sales, and route sales.


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For over 70 years, Employers Council has been providing compensation and benefit data to employers, along with consultation and advice, to allow you to make the best decisions for your workplace based on sound experience and reliable data.

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Employers Council's library of resources and our staff's in-depth knowledge help employers stay in compliance and better manage the risks you face.

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Employers Council has tools to guide you in measuring employee performance and improving productivity, adding to your bottom line.

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