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Coronavirus Resources

We know that employers are facing unique challenges right now. Our staff of nearly 200 top employment law attorneys and human resource ​​professionals are here to track the rapidly changing business and legislative environment. ​We have developed this page to help provide useful information for employers struggling to effectively operate during the Coronavirus crisis. We are offering this free of charge to help support the communities we serve.​​

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Employer's Guide to Managing Pandemics

It can be difficult to stay on top of COVID-19 news, laws, and constant changes to the workplace. We're dedicated to providing information that is both valuable and worth your time, so we've created a single guide to help you navigate the Coronavirus.

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Free W​​​​ebinars

Employers Council participated in series of free webinars on ​the effects of  COVID-19 in the workplace. You can view these
webinars here: Free COVID-19 Webinars  

  • F​amilies Firs​​t Coronavirus Response and CARES Acts​
  • Special Pay Considerations​
  • Termination and Recruitment​
  • Communicating with a remote workforce
  • How do you manage performance remotely?


Return to Work





Due to COVID-19, and to ensure the health and safety of your team and our trainers, we’re working to ensure we can continue to provide training and development options that meet your needs. We are conducting classes ​digitally. Prior to the date of each class, our registration department will send you the information on how to attend the class digitally. ​As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at 303-839-5177 or​. ​


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Our email newsletter offers you the latest w​orkplace information and considerations on COVID-19 with insights from our expert staff. For updates on what you need to know​ – and what you can safely ignore –  complete thi​s form.​​​​

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