Curious how your current HR practices stack up?

Blindspots are an unavoidable pitfall in fast-paced office environments. Need a gut check on how your HR department is doing? Take this nine-question quiz to illuminate what key elements you might be missing — and how we can help. (This quiz isn’t a substitute for conducting a thorough HR audit, but our HR Services team can assist with that, too!)

1. Are your employee records organized, confidential and retained appropriately (are you filing I-9s separately, for example)?
2. Do you have a policy, training and monitoring in place to prevent conflicts of interests?
3. Are you performing background checks and complying with federal and state hiring laws?
4. Do you have a compensation plan based on a compensation philosophy guided by your organizational values?
5. Are following federal, state and local wage and hour requirements, such as FLSA, the Equal Pay Act and more?
6. Do you have a training plan in place to get new hires up to speed and develop needed skills in existing employees?
7. Are your supervisors and managers thoroughly trained on high-risk legal compliance issues (ADA, EEO, FMLA, employee decisions, etc)?
8. Are you administering benefits efficiently, correctly and in compliance with all relevant regulations?
9. Have you documented your HR policies and procedures to ensure business continuity?