Do you need an affirmative action plan (AAP)?

All employers should be committed to fair and equitable employment practices. But the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) also requires that some organizations provide very specific documentation of their affirmative action practices. That documentation is called an affirmative action plan (AAP). Do you need one? Take our quiz for guidance* on your AAP needs.

*Never rely on an internet quiz for definitive answers! Please talk to our affirmative action plan team and/or your organization’s legal counsel to define your specific AAP obligations.

1. Are you a federal contractor?
Watch this video if you’re not sure.
2. How many employees do you have?
3. What is the value of your largest federal contract?
4. Has your company created an AAP before?
5. Are you interested in knowing how your workforce demographics reflect those in your hiring area?