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As a growing organization, it can be difficult to identify the areas of training that will result in the highest return. Maybe you are creating new positions or trying to transition employees into new areas, or maybe you're simply trying to pass on skills already present in your organization to a new generation of employees. It could be you are not sure where to start.

A membership with Employers Council gives you access to experts and tools to help you determine the most effective training to meet your needs for particular positions and individuals in your organization.

Through a custom analysis, Employers Council can provide your organization with the following:

  • Diagnostic Discussion – We will work with you one-on-one to establish goals and desired outcomes so that we can identify what training areas will be most effective for your organization.
  • ​Employee Training Needs Surveys – Your employees can be invaluable when it comes to identifying areas of growth. They are the ones wrestling with the tensions of delivering excellent work within a budget and timeframe. Employers Council can implement surveys that will return fair and honest assessments of employee experience.
  • Job Analysis – Evaluating the roles within your organization can highlight gaps in experience and present opportunities to strengthen overall expertise. Our job analysis takes industry nuances into account and can result in training insights for a singular position or a full department.
  • Program Implementation – Insights are only as valuable as an organization's ability to implement them. Employers Council can help you implement a training program that reliably delivers results and grows the overall expertise of your organization.

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Identifying Gaps

​When identifying training needs, it's helpful to start at the end: what are the outcomes you would like to see as an organization from an employee, a team, or a department? Then try to identify what specifically is in the way of achieving that outcome and what it would take to get there. To recognize these gaps, Employers Council approaches a Training Needs Analysis through a few different ways:

Goals Discussion

Mapping outcomes will often highlight areas of need. For example, if an organization wishes to foster a healthy HR department and reduce liabilities as they grow, obtaining HR certifications like SHRM and HRCI may be a valuable investment. If an employer wishes to fill positions by promoting internally but doesn't feel like employees have the necessary leadership skills yet, management and leadership training can be an effective way to bridge the gap.

​​Employers Council's training experts can provide a healthy diagnosis of training needs through conversations with a variety of stakeholders – whether it's an employer, a department head, the HR department, or the employees in question – and forecast the value that an investment in that area will provide for your organization.

Reasons to Invest in Training

Investing in training provides a variety of benefits. Organizations that offer robust training programs and opportunities for career advancement can often attract better talent. In addition to better hires, employees who feel like their employers match their commitment through training and development are much more likely to stay. Retention is cheaper than replacement, as studies in turnover show time and time again. Research from SHRM shows that employee replacement can cost an organization between six and nine months of the departed employee's salary. Investing in training can remedy high turnover rates and help you grow talent within your organization.

It's important to balance employee opportunities for advancement and development with your goals as an organization. Identifying the training areas that connect increased revenue with where your employees hunger for growth is the best training strategy to scale an organization and reduce costs. Employers Council has decades of experience in developing and scaling training programs – so your training can scale as fast as your organization needs it to. ​

Implementing Recommendations from a Training Needs Analysis

​Identifying areas of need is an excellent start, but often the questions get bigger around implementation. Allocating the appropriate amount of budget to balance costs with employee growth and retention can be tricky to get right. Additionally, many organizations do not have the expertise in house to provide a robust training program to employees at all levels. Employers Council offers guidance on how to implement a training program, from identifying needs to applying the right spend for your organization's size. Our training experts will also factor in variables like industry competition through regional and national survey data and HR metrics like employee turnover rates.

Employers Council trains over 25,000 employees a year for our members in nearly every industry, so a membership means lifting the burden of developing and implementing in-house training programs at every employee level. For help identifying training needs and getting your employees trained, find out what a membership will cost you.

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