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Each year brings new changes to workplace legislation and a myriad of technological changes that can dramatically shift how businesses operate. Staying up-to-date on the latest changes can not only ensure you avoid expensive fines through the risk of non-compliance, but they can also provide competitive advantages in your industry.

Employers Council offers annual employer and HR conferences to help organizations stay up-to-date on the latest changes in the legal landscape and on the cutting edge of how to own and operate a business. At each conference, we cover a range of engaging topics and provide networking opportunities to meet and collaborate with your peers.

Obtain the latest information on topics of interest at one of our popular annual HR Conferences: 

​Employment Law Update

As a lea​der, it is important that you understand annual changes in employment law and human resources best practices, as these changes affect employers around the country each year. Over 1,500 people attend the ELU conference annually, where the most significant employment law developments of the year are covered. Our HR experts and labor law attorneys strip away the legalese and provide you with practical, timely, and critical advice to minimize employment law liability.

  • Who should attend: This conference is for business owners, managers, supervisors, in-house counsel, and human resources professionals
  • Locations: ELU conferences are offered in Arizona, Colorado, and Utah.

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Employers Summit

Amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and employees are navigating the day-to-day and redefining the new normal; everyone is in search of balance. To help you navigate this rapidly changing landscape, join Employers Council for our first ever 2-day virtual Employers Summit where the focus will be on helping attendees achieve equilibrium in their organizations amongst all the competing regulations, requests, and priorities.

This unique conference experience will provide you with a multi-discipline approach from HR, Compensation and Benefits, and Culture and Leadership areas. Choose from multiple topics and breakout sessions to create a customized experience just for you—all from the comfort of your own home office. Presenters from Employers Council and leading industry experts will present you with fresh new ideas to implement back on the job to achieve the equilibrium we are all striving for in these stressful times.

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Public Employers Human Resources Conference

Dedicated to Human Resources professionals who serve in governmental and quasi-governmental agencies, this conference addresses the unique challenges facing public employers and is the only one of its kind. Topics include innovation, productivity, networking, best practices, and new considerations for compliance based on legislative changes. These areas represent the challenges facing many states, counties, cities, schools, and special districts in a constantly changing world. Regardless of whether your organization is large or small, urban or rural, the insights you will gain from the conference will enable you to meet the challenges that arise this year. Join Employers Council and your colleagues at an event that will leave you with practical ways to improve your own HR practices and inform your organization of the latest changes in employment law and the public HR landscape.​

  • ​ Who should attend: This conference is designed for Human resources professionals, administrators, managers, directors, and attorneys from state departments and divisions, counties, cities, towns, school districts, local authorities, and districts.
  • Locations: The public employers conference is offered in Colorado.

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