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The challenges of communication can impact us individually, in teams, with our colleagues and with clients. Lack of clarity, lack of buy in or entrenched positions can cause misunderstandings, defensiveness, poor work quality and wasted time. How can we get on the same page?

The Solution Focused Method quickly defines the desired outcome, detailing what will be happening when the agreed upon goal is complete and bringing forth useful strategies for moving forward that may otherwise be overlooked.

These tools help to unite teams behind common goals and motivate individuals forward by elucidating useful strengths and resources and defining small strategic steps that people can easily commit to. The solution comes into view one small step at a time.
Whether you are leading teams, managing performance, coaching, working with clients or just trying to tackle tough issues in your own life, Solution Focused tools will quickly get you clear on your goals, motivate you and move you forward to your desired future.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is for anyone who is seeking to enhance communication in solving problems and challenges personally or professionally


Cindy J. Smith, LCSW, ACC, Flatirons Coaching Solutions



0.65 Continuing Education Units
Course ID #SUPV124

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