HR Challenges in Colorado / January 25

​It is challenging to manage a workforce having to constantly keep up with regulations, administration, and best practices. Add on the various challenges that Colorado employers currently face, making HR professionals navigate yet another level of difficulty. This webinar will explore the implications of population growth, marijuana, and low unemployment rate and provide ideas on how to leverage these challenges as opportunities. 

Employment Management Lifecycle Series

Data Driven Recruiting / February 22

Gathering the right data while recruiting job applicants who become great employees is an often overlooked activity. This webinar will discuss the why, what, and how of mining data that helps maximize the impact of recruiting. 

Managing Employee Development / August 23

Organizations have realized that traditional performance management systems are often not effective at motivating or engaging employees. They focus primarily on the past with ratings and rankings rather than development and preparing for the future. Studies show that to be their best, employees want a coach rather than a boss; someone who will provide on-going feedback and communication, job clarity, accountability and the opportunity to learn and grow. This webinar focuses on using a coaching model to conduct employee development discussions. 

You’re Fired: Terminating Employees - Practical Tools for Handling the Process / November 15 

Firing an employee is one of the most difficult tasks managers face. Join this webinar for tips on preparing and conducting the termination process both fairly and legally. 

Advanced Human Resources Series

The Holistic Manager: Integrating Knowledge, Perception, and Emotion for Optimum Results / March 22 

This webinar combines information from the fields of employment law, human resources, and organizational development to help you successfully integrate emotions, social skills, past experiences and ongoing learning. 

Violence at Work / September 27 

Violence at work is a topic that over the years has been getting increased news coverage. Organizations should no longer assume it can’t happen to them. How do you reduce the risk of this happening in your workplace? This webinar will provide practical information and will focus on the prevention cycle of workplace violence, which consists of awareness, planning, and action. Participants will learn how to recognize and address the behaviors that generally precede violence in the workplace and how to place barriers to reduce the possibility of further escalation. 

HRS Bridging the Engagement Gap / October 25 

Based on information from numerous studies, it is safe to say that two out of three employees working with you are likely to be disengaged. This means they are lacking an emotional commitment to their work and/or to their place of employment. Because engagement levels impact organizational performance, most of us would like to have every employee engaged and committed! This leaves us with a considerable gap between the engagement levels we’d like to have and the levels that we currently have. Studies reveal that engagement levels rise when leaders are more transparent, the work is more meaningful, and employees experience a positive workplace culture. Join us to learn more about the engagement gap and strategies to effectively bridge the gap in order to maximize employee morale, productivity and effectiveness. 


Employers Council staff 


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