A six-part webinar series addressing the critical compliance points that every Human Resource professional must understand in order to effectively shield their organization from potential employment law claims.

Spring Agenda

​Legal Pitfalls in the Hiring Process

January 18
Hiring a new employee presents a host of potential legal concerns. Can you really ask that question? Does that employment test pass legal guidelines? What do you do with the negative results of a background check or employment reference? At what point can you make medical inquires? This webinar will explore the myriad of legal issues that can arise in the hiring process.

Employment At Will

February 8
Employers often want to rely on the concept of employment at will to justify their employment actions. But what does employment at will really mean? When does an employee discharge become wrongful? This webinar will examine the scope of employment at will and its exceptions, which constitute the law of wrongful discharge.

Handling Employee Complaints

March 8
Virtually every employer receives employee complaints. Ignoring them or hoping they will simply go away often leads to legal troubles. Do you know how to handle complaints? How should you respond when a complaint is received? What is the difference between inappropriate conduct and illegal harassment? What creates a hostile work environment? This webinar will address the legal issues that can arise out of employee complaints.
Fall Agenda

Fair Labor Standards Act: Understanding Overtime Exemptions

August 9
The most frequent mistake employers make in trying to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act is misclassifying employees as exempt from overtime. This webinar will explore the major FLSA exemptions from overtime and help employers navigate this confusing area of the law.

FMLA: Managing Intermittent Leave

September 13
Surveys unanimously show that the most difficult issue facing FMLA covered employers is managing intermittent leave. What role does medical certification play? What policies should be implemented? Should an employer seek a second opinion or recertification? What are the limits of return to work certifications? This webinar will examine the FMLA regulations and explore ways to manage intermittent leave.

ADA: Reasonable Accommodation and the Interactive Process

October 11
With the passage of the ADA Amendments Act, experts agree that the ADA battleground will shift to the issue of accommodating disabled employees in the workplace. How far does an employer have go? When is an accommodation reasonable? What does an employer need to do to satisfy the interactive process? This webinar will examine the concepts of the interactive process, reasonable accommodation and its defenses​


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