​As we slowly adjust to a reality where remote work becomes the new normal, employers may require guidance when it comes to remotely selecting new employees as well as maintaining the performance of an existing team. Join us for this two-part series where we will address best practices of remote recruiting and performance management — what to do, what not to do, and how to effectively adapt to digital channels to optimize performance. 

Tackling the “New Normal" of Virtual Candidate Selection / July 8

Virtual approaches to candidate selection are the “new normal" and HR professionals and managers have had to make a shift with their processes. What are the new tips and trends with virtual recruiting and interviewing? Join us for this session as we will explore organizational brand and social media presence, selecting platforms or methods to target your ideal candidate, and understand the challenges, tools, and best practices that will help make your virtual interviewing more effective.


Optimizing Team Performance in a Remote Work World / July 16 

While some organizations have managed virtual teams for years, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the broad transition to remote work more quickly than we could have imagined.  Now leaders must find ways to help their teams remain engaged and perform at the highest levels.  This in the face of the challenges that are intrinsic to remote work.  This session will explore the special challenges of leading remote teams, strategies to overcome them and practical tips to maintain high or improve marginal team performance.

​Toni Sorenson.


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