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To provide participants with the tools needed to detect and respond to union organizing activity. This on-site raises the awareness of managers and supervisors to the reasons why employees seek union representation and the tactics used by unions to organize the work- force. Through instruction and interactive discussion, participants will learn that their role as a manager or supervisor is the most important role in combating unionization.


  • Why employees turn to unions
  • Why employers do not want a union
  • Role of a supervisor in staying union free
  • Recognizing and responding to a union organizing campaign
  • Supervisor do’s and don’ts in a union organizing campaign
  • Supervisor communication skills and techniques
  • Presentation and discussion of effective programs to preserve union-free status
  • Recent NLRB developments that affect union-free status

Who Should Attend

Managers, supervisors, and human resources specialists who are interested in maintaining a union free workplace

On-site Option

This class is available as an on-site program tailored to an individual organization. The class is recommended periodically for employers that desire to remain union free or after union organization activity has been detected. It is also recommended after a first contract is reached or following completion of subsequent negotiations.


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This customized class is available exclusively as an on-site program. Contact our on-site training coordinator for more information and to schedule your training!

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