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With unemployment costs escalating dramatically, human resources professionals and line-managers need a working understanding of Arizona’s unemployment insurance system. This class is designed to help Arizona employers understand who can receive benefits, the financial impact to the organization, and how to control/minimize unemployment costs.

During this training session, participants will review the basic provisions and procedures of the unemployment claims process in Arizona and focus on understanding the reasons employees may be deemed to either be eligible or ineligible for benefits. Participants may also have the opportunity to participate in a mock appeal hearing alongside Employers Council attorneys experienced in defending unemployment hearings to apply the strategies and skills learned.


  • ​Who is covered by unemployment insurance in Arizona?
  • Who pays the costs?
  • Strategies for lowering your unemployment taxes
  • Benefit awards: full award and disqualification
  • Administrative procedures: responding to the claim
  • Participation in a mock appeal hearing scenario

Designed For

All levels of management


Employers Council staff attorney

This topic is also eff ective as a customized on-site for the Scottsdale Employers Council Office region


Course ID #LEGL200

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No offerings for the remainder of the year. Check our new course catalog coming out this fall.

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