As the developmental needs of your employees expand, growing your own learning and development competencies becomes even more critical. Skills such as needs assessment, instructional design, training facilitation and learning evaluation are critical to successful human resource development initiatives. This certificate program focuses on the principles of adult and interactive learning, is highly experiential in nature, and encompasses all phases of the training process. This program serves both new trainers as well as seasoned trainers who are looking for more formal education in the principles of training and development. The focus of this program is to make the trainer a more impactful learning professional and business partner.

Who Should Attend

Training specialists who wish to renew or refresh their training skills, professional human resources staff who regularly conduct training programs, and those new to the training profession who wish to build a solid foundation of knowledge and skills
Important Information: This certificate program must be completed within a 5-year period of time. If you have relied on information published in previous catalogs and taken classes outside of this time frame, you must contact Registration by December 31, 2020, to receive the appropriate credit for those classes.

Certificate Requirements

Complete the following two requirements:

  • Complete all core classes within a 5 year period
  • Present a statement from the immediate supervisor that certifies the individual has demonstrated the necessary knowledge, skills, and
    abilities as a training professional

For further information about our certificate programs or for those completing the certificate requirements to request their certificate, please contact Registration at 800.884.1328 or email

Please note that you must complete the Required Core Classes to receive this certification and there are Elective Classes down below.

Required Core Classes

  • Train the Trainer or Training Skills for On-the-Job Trainers

    This class provides participants with comprehensive techniques to train groups of three or more. Course ID TRAIN106 or TRAIN103

  • Presentation Skills: Fundamentals

    Participants will focus on skill-building by designing and delivering two presentations and receiving both class and instructor feedback. Course ID PERSD105

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  • Training Activities

    This interactive seminar teaches particpants how to select, design, and facilitate training activities. Course ID TRAIN104

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  • Training Material Design

    This seminar will focus on creating learner materials such as notebooks, handouts, and visual aids, as well as other learning aids and instructor materials. Course ID TRAIN107

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  • Group Facilitation Skills

    Participants learn to clarify their role and grow their skills as facilitators. Course ID TRAIN101

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  • Training Needs Assessment and Evaluation

    This foundational training and development seminar is designed to help trainers, HR professionals, and anyone involved in the Human Resource Development process understand and use selected needs assessment and evaluation tools as part of the design and delivery of training. Course ID TRAIN105

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  • Advanced Practicum for Experienced Trainers

    This seminar provides experienced trainers feedback from their training peers. Course ID TRAIN102

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  • Presentation Skills: The Art of Visual Design

    If you are looking to move beyond using presentation software as a document creation tool, to make your presentations visually effective and engaging, spend the day with us. Course ID PERSD126

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  • Presentation Skills: Talk Like TED

    Participants will be able to successfully apply principles and techniques of Ted Talks to their own business presentations. Course ID PDEV125

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Classes You Can Choose From

Brush-Up English

Write and edit for clarity, emphasis, and grammatical correctness. Course ID WRITI112

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Cultivating Your Listening Skills

Class participants will address their unique habits and improve listening skills by: staying focused, capturing the message, and helping the speaker. Course ID #PERSD114

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Enneagram: Leveraging the Power of Personality

The Enneagram will help define nine distinct personality TYPES and how each TYPE views and interacts in the world. Course ID PERSD122

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Generations: Working Together

Through class activities, participants will gain skills to work more effectively with members of different generations. Course ID PERSD115

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Innovation and Creativity

This interactive seminar is designed to enhance your ability to create and innovate. Course ID CREAT101

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Interpersonal Mastery: The Human Element

The Human Element® Approach is built upon the philosophy that the level of success an organization can achieve is determined by the quality of the relationships among its customers, suppliers, colleagues, managers, and team members. Course ID COMM120

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Myers-Briggs: An Interpretation of Personal Style

The MBTI® is useful for working through conflict and communication issues, as well as enhancing leadership and group problem-solving skills, and is vital to the teambuilding process. Course ID PERSD108

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One-on-One Coaching

Contact our Organizational Development and Learning department for more information.

Graphic Recording and Facilitation

Understand what working visually is all about and have your eyes opened to the MANY ways these skills can be applied. Course ID PDEV 133

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Write It Right

Participants will learn how to develop specific skills necessary for writers to help them produce strong, professional  documents. Course ID WRITI102

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Business Results: Measuring the ROI in Soft Skills

The HR function must show the value of various soft skills. Individual programs need to show value to the business, up to and including the financial ROI. Course ID MGMT173

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