The COVID crisis forced many employers to close temporarily and to make quick, and in many cases, interim decisions about their workforce. Now, organizations are reopening and making strategic decisions about their future workforce needs. This 4-part live webinar series takes you through reducing your workforce in a thoughtful and legally-compliant way, conducting and communicating the layoff decision, and finally, to recovering and rebuilding after layoffs.   

Session 1

Planning Ahead: Making Layoff Decisions and Planning for Reductions in Force / June 9

Planning starts with strategic questions every organization must ask to determine current status and necessary next steps.  Alternatives to layoffs are explored including: furloughs, pay reductions, hour reductions, employee buyouts, and voluntary retirement.  If a layoff must occur, how to select employees in a non-discriminatory and legally-defensible way is discussed along with how to best document the layoff decision.

Session 2

Avoiding Legal Blind Spots that Arise in Layoffs / June 11

This session will help organizations avoid legal blind spots that can arise in laying off employees.  Among these are determining if you have responsibilities to employees under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN), deciding whether to provide separation packages with or without waiver and release agreements, and leveraging the unemployment system to your employees' best advantage.


Session 3

Layoff Decision Made, Now What? / June 16

The layoff decision has been made, now what? This session explores how to communicate with compassion toward employees chosen for layoff while protecting the interests of the organization.  Preparation and planning will help you successfully navigate the toughest task a manager has to face.  This session walks step-by-step through communicating and conducting a layoff. 


Session 4

After the Layoff: Resilience, Recovery, and Rebuilding / June 18

This session focuses on steps to take after a layoff to successfully recover and move your organization forward.  Often missed, appropriate follow-up with employees chosen for layoffs and those chosen to stay is an important part of a successful recovery.  Pitfalls to avoid are discussed.  Learn what research reveals is behind the lingering negative impacts of a layoff that can derail recovery, and how to inspire employees to rebuild the organization.  

Session 1: Tina Harkness

​Session 2: Melanie Daly and Jeff Holdsworth

Session 3: Laurie Enke and Valorie Waldon

Session 4: James McDonough and Kim Robinson


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