Managing employees can be challenging. Not only are you responsible for your own performance and results, you must also maximize your employee's efforts so you can meet established goals. ​

Effectively managing employees starts with identifying your own personal leadership style, knowing how to build interpersonal relationships, and understanding the critical steps to take in improving employee performance and motivation. This course will help you identify and use your natural leadership style to create a more productive and engaging work environment. You will learn to analyze employees' performance and provide meaningful, actionable feedback. You will also learn communication skills, particularly in difficult discussions where conflict may exist.


  • ​Explore the difference between doing, managing, and leading
  • Use a Supervisory Skills Assessment to build competencies with critical leadership skills
  • Learn to build and strengthen effective interpersonal relationships
  • Analyze employees' performance and establish unique developmental goals for each employee
  • Communicate with impact through listening and responding effectively
  • Recognize and address conflict  

Designed for

Anyone who supervises and influences employees' effectiveness and job satisfaction.​


Course ID #SUPV127

Class Details

No offerings for the remainder of the year. Check our new course catalog coming out this fall.

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