We are pleased to present a series of team development programs for on-site training. The following modules provide the foundational training your organization needs to create a positive environment for continuous performance improvement. Each module can be tailored to meet your needs and your time frame.

Module 1: Team Leadership: Team Leadership - Leading Teams

  • Direction setting
  • Decision making
  • Continuous improvement

Module 2: Team Leadership: Team Leadership - Creating Effective Work Groups

  • Creating identity
  • Clarifying roles and tasks
  • Assessing organizational culture and environment
  • Supporting implementation

Module 3: Myers-Briggs: An Interpretation of Personal Style

  • Using Type to communicate with others and understand team interactions
  • Recognizing the value of personality differences
  • How all types can better contribute in an organizational setting
  • Using Type differences to achieve team goals, reduce conflict, and increase communication

Module 4: Managing Effective Meetings

  • Structuring meetings
  • Designing meetings
  • Managing meetings

Module 5: Problem Solving Skills

  • Identify barriers and roadblocks to effective problem solving
  • Assess your own current problem solving style and approach
  • Understand the four-part problem solving process
  • Apply problem solving tools

Module 6: Innovation and Creativity

  • Expanding the definition of creativity
  • Exploring the creative process and its application to the specific organization
  • Exploring the toolkit of practices to generate and sustain organizational creativity and innovation

Module 7: Leadership Through Influence

  • Defining influence and leadership
  • Influence skills practice
  • Influence application planning

Module 8: Generations: Working Together

  • Defining generational peer groups
  • Identifying each generation’s preferences for communication, customer service, and work culture
  • Practicing adapting communication styles to interact more effectively with members of different generations

Module 9: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Learn about he five fundamentals of highly effective teams:

  • Trust
  • Conflict
  • Commitment
  • Accountability
  • Results

Apply the model to your team - learn tools for applying the theory

Module 10: Lean Tools - Creating a Culture of Excellence

  • Build foundational knowledge of the Lean philosophy
  • Explore the principles of Lean
  • Evaluate work processes using Lean tools

Module 11: Teams: Creating Highly Collaborative Leadership Networks

  • Redefine Leadership - from sole leaders and experts to interconnected and coordinated teams
  • Establish Peer-to-Peer Communication
  • Cultivate foundation built on trust, appreciation and strengths
  • Generate a High Feedback Culture that produces desired results
  • Increase individual talent and optimize group intelligence
  • Transform Conflict into collaboration

On-site Option

For information about how these modules can help your team development process and to set up modules for your team, please call the Organizational Development and Learning Department at 800.884.1328. A complete description of each module can be located alphabetically in the Colorado section of the 2020 Training Catalog.


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