To help an intact work group become an effective, productive, and cohesive team. In an effective team, team members are competent and knowledgeable, and problems and conflicts are addressed quickly and professionally. The quality of decisions made by the team is high, and members share a sense of satisfaction in the work they accomplish. The team is constantly learning and growing, and can adapt to changing requirements and multiple goals. 

Team Development May be Helpful in Creating: 

  • Increased production and team performance 
  • Improved service to staff and customers 
  • Clarity in team roles and responsibilities 
  • Increased participation 
  • Common goals and direction 
  • Improved capability to problem-solve 
  • Increased capacity to address team issues, concerns, and conflicts 

Team Development is available as a customized, on-site program only, and usually includes the following steps: 

  • ​Initial discussion/diagnosis—no charge 
  • Interviews with team members and other appropriate personnel—charged at $135 per hour 
  • Sessions are charged at $1,500 for a half day and $2,300 for a full day 

​Designed For 

Team members and work groups who must work together productively


Employers Council staff 


This intervention is only available as an on-site program tailored to an individual organization. ​



Course ID #TEAM106

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No offerings for the remainder of the year. Check our new course catalog coming out this fall.

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