Employees are a company’s most valuable asset. Why? They get the work done. It follows then that companies would be well-advised to have supervisors skilled at managing this valuable asset. A complete supervision skill set includes both technical skills (know-how of processes and products) and people skills (know-how to interact with employees and create work environments that inspire exceptional performance).

However, people skills are often overlooked and remain undeveloped. Building on our popular Supervisory Skills Program, this new two-day course teaches supervisors two essential people skills: how to be emotionally intelligent and how to create a culture that fosters employee accountability. These skills will take your supervisors to the next level, empowering them to increase employee engagement and thereby company performance/production.

Key Benefits

  • Learn from a highly-respected management expert – rather than through painful, costly trial and error
  • Participate in rich, interactive discussions – no boring lectures!
  • Gain practical knowledge – no pie-in-the-sky stuff!
  • Minimize work disruption – meet once a week for two weeks (rather than consecutive days)

Series Descriptions


Day 1: Developing Emotional Intelligence, Optimism, and Resilience

Emotional Intelligence is understanding how our communication and outlook affect others in personal and professional relationships. Supervisors who are most successful have the emotional intelligence to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses and can regulate how they interact with others. In turn, this ability has a significant impact on their employees' performance and job satisfaction. In this session, we explore the four key skills of Emotional Intelligence and learn why they are necessary to effective workplace relationships. We also focus on a related and important skill: Optimism. This important skill allows successful supervisors to turn setbacks into catalysts for improved performance. Finally, we address the role of Resilience when facing professional setbacks or difficulties. Resilience can be learned and used by every supervisor to increase their own and others' commitment to achieving success despite difficulties.

Day 2: Accountability

A culture of accountability exists when employees feel ownership of processes, decisions and results. As the glue that ties intention to results, creating a culture of accountability improves the quality of the organization's products and services. How can supervisors create this strong sense of accountability for achieving outstanding results in their team? In this session, we explore the conditions necessary to develop and maintain a culture of accountability and learn four key steps that help employees want to feel accountable for individual, team and organizational success.

Designed For

Supervisors and managers who want to enhance their ability to take their and their employees’ results to the next level. This program is an excellent next step for those who have previously completed our Supervisory Skills Program.


Van Potter, M.Ed., Lodestar Inc.



Course ID #SUPV125

Class Details

Location:Employers Council - Utah Office, 175 W 200 S Ste 2005, Salt Lake City, UT 84101-1460
Time:8:00 am to 4:00 pm (2 Consecutive Thursdays)
List Price:$345.00

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