Developing effective supervisors should be a top priority for every organization. This comprehensive certificate covers topics related to several key supervision components: motivation, communication, employee development, performance appraisal, discipline, government regulations, conflict, leadership, delegation, and other subjects with application to the work environment.

Who Should Attend

This certificate is designed for second-level supervisors and individuals who have completed The Supervision Certificate Program: Fundamentals.

Certificate Requirements

Complete the core classes and two (2) classes from the suggested additional classes list—all within a 5 year period. For further information about our certificate programs or for those completing the certificate requirements to request their certificate, please contact Registration at 800.884.1328 or email

Important Information: All classes must be completed within a 5-year period. If you have relied on information published in previous catalogs and taken classes outside of this time frame, you must contact Registration by December 31, 2020, to receive the appropriate credit for those classes.


Required Core Classes

  • Developing Interpersonal Communication Skills

    This workshop offers practical tools to support manager, supervisors, and employees in accessing the critical awareness needed to improve or modify their interpersonal communication in the workplace. Course ID COMM108

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  • Generations: Working Together

    Through class activities, participants will gain skills to work more effectively with members of different generations. Course ID PERSD115

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  • Interviewing and Hiring I

    In this interactive course, participants learn to recognize the critical factors that predict performance and how to assess candidates using techniques to legally and effectively make the best hiring decisions. Course ID HR110

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  • Legal Issues for Supervisors and Managers

    Managers and supervisors will gain an understanding of how to supervise employees inside legal boundaries, when HR should be involved, and how their actions (or inaction) could lead to liability. Course ID LEGL149

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  • Managing Effective Meetings

    This seminar will give participants the skills for getting the most value from their meetings. Course ID PERSD106

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  • Performance Documentation Skills

    The seminar will focus on how the current legal climate affects employers, as well as the “how-to’s” of documenting employee actions. Course ID PERF105

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  • Situational Leadership: An Introduction to the SLBAII

    Situational Leadership® II is a model for developing people. SLII® is a language, as well as a strategy, for providing the right amount of direction and support to the people you lead. Course ID MGMT124

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  • SKILLSCOPE: A Multi-Rater Assessment Tool for Supervisors and Managers

    Identify key competencies and behaviors that lead to supervisory and management success. Course ID SUPV102

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  • Supervision: Core Competencies

    This program stresses the tasks and interpersonal skills that are most important to help others strive for continued improvement and to achieve results. Course ID SUPV115

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  • Supervision: The Accountability Experience

    Responding to customer and stakeholder demands and economic marketplace conditions quickly is key to success—and in some cases, survival. Course ID MGMT157

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  • Supervision: The Art of Managing Up

    Learn to partner more successfully and effectively with your boss. Course ID SUPV120

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Classes You Can Choose From

You need to choose two of these classes in addition to the required classes above to complete your certification.

Communicating Effectively in Difficult Situations

Learn practical talking and listening tools and strategies that can be put to immediate use. Course ID COMM101

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Communication Tools for Maximizing Performance

Successfully put into action a set of precise and practical communication methods, skills, and techniques. Course ID COMM105

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Conflict: Self-Management

Understand conflict patterns and acquire skills for responding constructively to interpersonal conflicts. Course ID CONF102

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Cultivating Your Listening Skills

Class participants will address their unique habits and improve listening skills by: staying focused, capturing the message, and helping the speaker. Course ID PERSD114

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Customer Relations

Explore methods to connect with customers to give them a truly personalized experience, practice skills to acknowledge the customer’s needs in difficult situations, and determine appropriate action steps. Course ID CUST101

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Delegation: A Strategy for Empowerment

Become a master delegator—and avoid being perceived as a micro-manager—through exercises, discussions, and a case study. Course ID PERSD104

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Discrimination in the Workplace

 Complaints of workplace discrimination continue to be one of the areas that have the most potential for employer. Course ID LEGL106

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Harassment Prevention

Providing managers and supervisors with appropriate training is one of the key ways an employer can prevent liability for harassment claims and avoid retaliation claims. Course ID LEGL116

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Managing Remote Employees

This class focuses on skills managers need successfully manage remote workers. Course ID MGMT125

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Communication: A Solution-Focused Approach?

The Solution Focused Method quickly defines the desired outcome, detailing what will be happening when the agreed upon goal is complete and bringing forth useful strategies. Course ID SUPV124

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Cultivating Kindness in the Workplace 

Since we spend more waking hours at work, what are ways we can make it more productive, motivating and enjoyable. Course ID PDEV 131

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Stress Management in the Work Environment

This class provides a comprehensive approach to managing stress including lifestyle balance, modifying behavior patterns, and enhanc­ing physical awareness. Course ID PDEV107

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Developing Presentation Skills

Participants will focus on skill-building by designing and delivering two presentations and receiving both class and instructor feedback. Course ID PERSD105

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