Today’s supervisors and managers have a diverse array of responsibilities. These responsibilities require a growing variety of skills—cognitive, behavioral, and emotional—to be the most effective. The purpose of this certificate program is to give supervisors and managers that “next step” of development and begin to explore more advanced topics within supervision. Classes include subjects requiring an advanced knowledge of the workplace, law, and people.

Who Should Attend

This certificate is designed for second-level supervisors and individuals who have completed The Supervision Certificate Program: Fundamentals.

Certificate Requirements

Complete the following core classes and two (2) classes from the suggested additional classes list. For further information about our certificate programs or for those completing the certificate requirements to request their certificate, please contact Registration at 800.884.1328 or email

Important Information: Beginning in 2014, credit will only be given for classes completed the five years immediately preceding the final class that qualifies the individual for the program. If you have relied on information published in previous catalogs and taken classes outside of this time frame, you must contact Registration by December 31, 2020, to receive the appropriate credit for those classes.

Complete the following core classes and two (2) classes from the suggested additional classes list.

Required Core Classes

  • Change Management: Building Resiliency

    Change Management: Building Resiliency will support you in understanding the process of change and transition in order to successfully manage change in our fast-paced world. Course ID MGMT114

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  • Coaching: Partnering for Performance

    We build the critical coaching skills necessary to enhance the supervisor/employee partnership, and give managers the tools and confidence needed to embrace the coaching role successfully. Course ID COACH104

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  • Communicating Effectively in Difficult Situations for Managers and Supervisors

    Learn practical talking and listening tools and strategies that can be put to immediate use. Course ID COMM101

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  • Conflict Strategies: Navigating Others Through Workplace Difficulties

    Through simulations and exercises, participants practice critical conflict management tools for navigating others through conflict. Course ID CONF114

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  • Creating Effective Work Groups 

    Employee investment increases engagement and enhances communication. Attend this class to enhance your work group leadership skills. Course ID TEAM108

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  • Emotional Intelligence at Work

    This highly attended and expertly facilitated course offers participants the opportunity to raise your emotional quotient at work. Course ID MGMT111

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  • Emotional Intelligence: Advanced Skills

    When it comes to happiness and success in life, emotional intelligence (EQ) matters just as much as intellectual ability (IQ). Course ID MGMT172

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  • Ethics for Business: People, Performance, and Principles

    This seminar serves as the basis for developing an ethics awareness program. Course ID HR139

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  • Five Dysfunctions of a Team

    Develop an action plan for presenting the Five Dysfunctions model to your team and using the model to improve your teams’ functioning. Course ID TEAM114

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  • Communication: A Solution-Focused Approach?

    The Solution Focused Method quickly defines the desired outcome, detailing what will be happening when the agreed upon goal is complete and bringing forth useful strategies. Course ID SUPV124

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  • Leadership Through Influence

    Participants increase their self-knowledge and awareness of their personal power base, determine strengths and weaknesses, and learn to apply specific influence tactics effectively. Course ID MGMT103

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Classes You Can Choose From

You need to choose two of these classes in addition to the required classes above to complete your certification.

Collaboration Skills

Radical Collaboration® has a proven track record for teaching employees and organizations to become more successful. Course ID TEAM112

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Enneagram: Leveraging the Power of Personality

The Enneagram will help define nine distinct personality TYPES and how each TYPE views and interacts in the world. Course ID PERSD122

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GOAL: Get Organized at Last

This dynamic class provides simple, easy-to-implement solutions to help you get control of your workload and your day, contribute to the success of your organization, and increase your value as an employee. Course ID TIMEM106

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Innovation in the Workplace

This interactive program will enhamce your ability to create and innovate. Course ID CREAT101

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Leadership: Why Would Anyone Want to Follow You?

This course is designed to help you navigate the increasingly complex terrain of leading people. Course ID MGMT129

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Leading Teams

Develop skills to provide strategic direction and effective decision-making as the leader of a team. Course ID TEAM107

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Coaching Services

Contact our Organizational Development and Learning Department for more information.

Myers-Briggs: An Interpretation of Personal Style

The MBTI® is useful for working through conflict and communication issues, as well as enhancing leadership and group problem-solving skills, and is vital to the teambuilding process. Course ID PERSD108

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Negotiation for Win-Win Results

Instruction, class exercises, and a mock negotiation are used to provide participants with applicable skills and practical knowledge to become a more thoughtful and effective negotiator. Course ID CONF106

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Problem Solving Skills

This seminar will teach the elements and skills of effective problem solving. Course ID PROBS103

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Project Management Foundations

The goal of Project Management I: Foundations is to provide a project management framework, tools, and techniques that help participants to initiate, plan, manage, control, and close projects effectively. Course ID PROJ101

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Leadership: Neuroscience Behind Leading

The neuroscience of leadership is a pioneering approach towards understanding and influencing human behavior and leadership and field based on scientific research and findings of brain-mapping. Course ID LEAD103

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Project Management Intermediate

Project Management II: Intermediate/Advanced is designed to provide a project management framework and intermediate/advanced tools and techniques that help participants effectively manage projects. Course ID PROJ102

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Leadership and the Power of Narrative

This session focuses on harnessing the power of narrative. Emphasis is on techniques and exercises that participants can use in their day-to-day work life. Course ID LEAD 114

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