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Have you been advanced over your co-workers? Have you been promoted into a new department? Are you managing people who applied for your position? Have you ever felt that a former colleague expected preferential treatment simply because they worked with you before you were promoted? Are some people testing the rules or trying to take advantage of their relationship with you?

Transitioning from being “one of the team” to “leader of the pack” isn’t easy. It can be confusing for everyone involved and can create tension, resentment, and passive (or not-so passive) resistance. Discover how you can manage this difficult transition more effectively, develop your own management style, and create the kinds of relationships with your employees that guarantee your success as a new leader.


  • Make the mental leap from “Buddy to Boss” to positively engage your peers
  • Establish expectations for yourself, with your manager, and with your team
  • Use your experience with your peers to establish a team in your new role
  • Handle changes since you became leader and help people accept the changes which need to be made
  • Decide what to stop doing, continue doing, start doing
  • Set boundaries professionally and personally even when you want to be liked
  • Deciding how much to tell and who to trust
  • Take steps to increase the trust and engender respect from others
  • Recognize and apply your strengths to accelerate your transition

Who Should Attend

Anyone transitioning from a team member into a lead, supervisory, or manager role


Susan Wehrspann, Susan Wehrspann and Associates



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Time:8:30 am to 4:30 pm (MST)
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