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Turnover is enormously expensive, especially when it happens in the short term as a result of a poor hiring decision. Before you make a hire, pre-employment testing can help measure a candidate's skills and behavior and lead to a better evaluation of their fit within your organization. For current employees, testing and assessments can help you make decisions around transferring or promoting.

Testing can help predict job performance, reduce turnover, and measure the required knowledge, skills, and abilities that lead to employee success. To measure these metrics properly, a test must have a valid methodology that evaluates the skills and behaviors you need in your workplace.  

Employers Council can facilitate testing that gives you accurate measurements of employee performance – whether it's before they're hired or once they're on board.

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Know What to Expect with a Job Applicant

When it comes to potential hires, pre-employment testing can help answer some of the most common questions around an applicant, which takes the pressure off assessing a candidate in a single interview or a series of interviews. Tests that measure both skills assessment and behavioral factors such as personality, cognitive ability, and integrity are the most useful in evaluating the long-term potential in an employee. Common areas of pre-employment testing we can help with include:

  • Clerical ability
  • Job specific skills tests
  • Personality / behavioral tests
  • Mechanical ability
  • Management ability
  • Work simulation tests
  • Aptitude / cognitive assessment learning measures
  • Drug and alcohol testing

Employers Council can help you navigate what type of testing will best asses a candidate's fit for a position within your organization, facilitate the testing, and even analyze the results.

Background Checks

​Background checks help employers make informed hiring decisions and mitigate the risks of workplace violence, employee theft, and negligent hiring lawsuits. Consumer reporting agencies conducting background checks are regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) along with state and local laws. Employers Council continually scans state and federal laws to ensure compliance. The best background screens contain valuable information from a variety of resources:

  • Criminal and civil record checks from county courthouses to international courts
  • Driving record checks
  • Verification of employment, education, and professional licensure
  • Professional and personal reference checks
  • Patriot Act Searches (terrorist watch lists) and Sex Offender Registry searches

Employers Council can help you conduct background checks so that you have the information you need to make an informed hire.

Drug Testing

Drug-and-alcohol testing is another effective tool at your disposal for assessing and hiring the right candidates. A drug-and-alcohol testing program not only deters employees from coming to work impaired, but discourages substance abusers from applying in the first place.

Benefits of a drug-and-alcohol-free workplace are:

  • Decreased health-care costs
  • Reduced damage to equipment
  • Lowered employee turnover and increased productivity
  • Increase quality of your products and services

Employers Council partners with a trusted company to provide cost-effective local and national drug-and-alcohol testing. We have a broad selection of testing options, some of which are unavailable through any other source.

FAQs about Pre-Employment Testing

​What kinds of pre-employment testing do you offer?

We offer hundreds of published testing options for many different positions, industries, and levels. For information on the testing that fits your organization best, contact an Employers Council HR expert.

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