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Servant Leadership is a powerful approach to achieving common goals in which the leader acts to serve those who are led. Servant Leadership happens when we act with respect, care, and fairness for the well-being of all involved, and not for our own self-serving interests. When we serve first and lead second, we help individuals and organizations achieve worthwhile results while keeping the best interest of those we serve before our own. It’s only when we realize that it’s not about us that we model Servant Leadership.

Some of the most successful workplaces in the world embrace Servant Leadership, and it fits well with the objectives and approach of leaders at every level in nearly every organization. This interactive class explores the cutting-edge modality of Servant Leadership with the objective of highlighting specific principles, assessing and practicing key skills, and bringing greater meaning, prosperity and joy to the workplace.


  • Learn the 10 (+2) Key Principles of Servant Leadership
  • Assess your own style of leadership and service to followers
  • Deepen understanding by practicing selected modes and methods for servant-leaders
  • Create a Servant Leadership Organizational Chart (Flipped Org Chart)
  • Participate in a planning process activity to explore specific steps toward implementing Servant Leadership into workplace practices

Who Should Attend

Leaders and followers at all levels of an organization, and anyone who wishes to explore new ways of leading and learn ways to bring greater meaning, prosperity and joy to the workplace.


Doug Gertner, Ph.D., Workplace Seminars and Solutions


Come as a group and examine how to apply key principles of Servant Leadership to your workplace.



0.70 Continuing Education Units
Course ID #LEAD108

Class Details

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