Learning Resources List for Discussions About Race

by James McDonough

Discrimination,  Member Matters

Members have been reaching out to Employers Council seeking guidance to manage employee expectations about racism and related issues. Certainly, it is an essential practice to have policies that do not violate equal opportunity laws and to define practices that are not discriminatory. Training is needed to clearly define acceptable and unacceptable workplace behaviors.

However, current activism, social unrest, and employee calls for action toward equity, go well beyond baseline employment law compliance. Workplace culture, relationships, and equity are being scrutinized and questioned in new ways.  Employers are being challenged as never before by their employees and community partners.

In response, Employers Council is hard at work gathering information and educating ourselves on this quickly evolving topic to provide new resources and informed guidance to navigate these new expectations. As part of our preparation, here are two articles members may also find useful in regards to workplace discussions:

Associations Now: https://associationsnow.com/2020/06/leading-during-a-pandemic-why-diverse-leadership-matters-more-than-ever/

Forbes: Yes, You Must Talk About Race At Work: 3 Ways to Get Started

Harvard Business Review: Confronting Racism at Work: A Reading List

Wharton Business School: How to Begin Talking About Race in the Workplace

Quartz at Work: How to Have More Productive Conversations About Race in the Workplace

DISCLAIMER: Employers Council offers these links as resources for information from legitimate sources and does not endorse them.

For more assistance, consult with Employers Council; we’re here to support your efforts to build a culture of workplace equity and maximize the effectiveness of all employees in your workplace.

About the author
James McDonough

James McDonough, HR Research Consultant, consults with Employers Council members to provide guidance and support on their organizational practices. He writes articles, conducts presentations and trainings on HR compliance, organizational effectiveness and business management topics. A graduate of the University of Colorado-Boulder, James has worked in the public and private sectors in HR and business management.