Introducing the DeGarmo Testing and Assessment Tools

by Employers Council Staff

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Stand Out In A CrowdRecently MSEC collaborated with a new test vendor, the DeGarmo Group, to expand our pre-employment assessment product offerings and better meet our members’ needs. Over the past year, many members have inquired about selecting applicants for organizational culture fit. While we offer a number of tools to do this, this partnership allows us to offer a customizable tool for any organizational culture, the Matched Values Profile™.

For the same low-cost fee of using the assessment for applicants, we work with executive leadership in your organization to determine your custom organizational culture profile. This process is very efficient and produces a diagnostic report of core work values that guides your interpretation of applicants’ responses to ensure greater organizational alignment.

While we have offered many different forms of personality assessments for a variety of different positions, this partnership allows us to offer customizable personality assessments for any position, even positions specific to individual organizations. This instrument, the DeGarmo Personality Inventory (DPI), is linked to the U.S. Department of Labor’s O*NET database allowing for profiling of over 900 occupations based on extensive job-analysis research. Moreover, with no additional fee, you can create specific profiles unique to your organization and the position you are hiring for by using a short, job-analytic survey. With a few points and clicks, you can create custom profiles for any position regardless of how unique the position may be, offering greater information about the individual relative to the specific work demands of the position.

Another noteworthy addition is the DeGarmo Fit Index System®. This series of tests is designed to reduce employee turnover by profiling work-related “hot buttons,” thereby determining which applicants are likely to stay or leave before they are hired. The Fit Index System® identifies high-turnover-risk applicants based on compatibility with frequently occurring job tasks. This award-winning system has helped many organizations reduce
turnover by over 60 percent!

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