Are you Offering More Paid Leave?

by Lorrie Ray

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It is not a surprise if you answer the question yes, because employers are offering more paid leave.  A recent SHRM survey indicates that paid leave from employers is on the rise for long-term leaves such as maternity leave.  Not only is that the case, but more states are requiring paid leave.  Arizona and Colorado are just two states with this requirement, with Colorado’s requirements for all employers rolling out slowly, to be completed in 2022.

If you are having difficulty recruiting and retaining great employees, it may be because your competition is offering better paid-leave benefits.  Certainly, the pandemic has created an awareness of the importance of paid leave.  If you want to know how you stack up, Employers Council has a survey of paid time-off benefits from 2018 that you might find useful. It is free for you to review as a member who has access to our surveys.

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Lorrie Ray

Lorrie's experience in the variety of problems typically facing employers includes resolution of civil rights cases before state and federal administrative agencies, federal wage and hour disputes and state law claims, employment discrimination, wrongful discharge and health and safety laws. She is also a frequent lecturer on employment law matters. Previous to working at Employers Council, Lorrie worked at the U.S. Department of Labor Office of the Solicitor for a little over three years, prosecuting wage and hour cases for the Department.