April 10 / Special Concerns of First Responders

This huddle will take a look at the special concerns, challenges and opportunities agencies face when recruiting and retaining talent, as well as the nuances of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) as it relates to first responders. We will also examine the legal and the practical implications we face as we balance the needs of our first responders and the needs of the public. Finally, we will collaboratively explore solutions. What’s working, why does it work and how do I make it work for my organization?

August 20 / Worker Resiliency & Compassion Fatigue

Resilience is often defined as the ability to bounce back from adversity and to adapt and adjust to change in life AND the ability to thrive in the face of it all. Everyone has been, or will be faced with failure, disappointment or hard times. In other words, Life!! As HR professionals and leaders, how do we help employees respond to pressure, both internal and external to the workplace, and what resources are available to help people tackle life head-on?

November 4 / Diversity, Inclusion & Culture in the Public Sector

Do you have a culture that encourages and nurtures diversity? What about Inclusion? Isn’t it enough to be an equal opportunity employer? It’s about so much more than just hiring from diverse populations. How do we create a culture in the public sector that truly values difference and capitalizes on our diversity so that we can provide gold standard service to the public? How do we help drive culture change in our organizations and what is the role of policy? Finally, what are the measures of success? How do we know we’ve arrived?​


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