HR Competencies

  • Consultation
  • Critical Evaluation


Project Management: Managing Multiple Projects (aka Project Portfolio Management (PPM)) is designed to outfit participants with processes and tools to balance the inexhaustible list of important operational activities and project wish lists against the real limitation on the number and quantity of skilled resources to do those activities.

This one-day class introduces concepts and practices that will equip a manager to provide a better alternative than ‘just squeeze it in’ as most organizations seem to do. Realistic case studies and multiple scenarios are utilized to equip managers with methods and tools to balance the supply of, and demand for, organizational resources.

Prerequisite: Project Management Foundations


Using skills learned in the Foundations class, you will be introduced to new and more advanced topics that are relevant to managers who are responsible for managing a broad set of organizational resources. Key concepts included in the class are provided below.
  • ​​Project Portfolio Management Overview
  • Symptoms calling for PPM
  • Understanding portfolio demand, size and priorities
  • Resource planning and availability
  • Allocating and assigning resources to projects
  • Portfolio status reporting and making decisions
  • Governance for a portfolio
  • Challenges of managing a portfolio of projects

Designed For

Project managers or functional managers who have the desire to design and implement systems and processes to better manage resource utilization in their organizations. This class is useful for individuals who are interested in pursuing program and portfolio management as a career as-well-as for functional managers who want to deliver better results with their limited resources.


Certified and experienced project management professionals (PMP’s) from Arrow Performance Group​


0.07 Continuing Education Units
6.50 HRCI
Course ID #PROJ105

Class Details

Location:Employers Council, 1799 N Pennsylvania St, Denver, CO 80203-1310
Time:8:30 am to 4:30 pm
List Price:$225.00

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