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Do your managers feel that responsibility for the performance management process is shared by the employees they lead? Do your employees look forward to contributing in a meaningful way to performance discussions with their supervisor? Do employees and supervisors understand the value that the process brings to the organization? If not, you probably are not getting an adequate return on the investment of time, money and energy spent completing your process.

This class will teach and encourage employees to be active participants in the performance management process by taking ownership of their performance, goals and development. It will highlight the importance of shared responsibility in setting and understanding yearly goals and expectations, as well as how to ask for and receive feedback.


  • The value of performance management for the individual employee
  • The employee’s responsibility for co-creating performance goals and expectations
  • The roles of the organization, the manager, and the employee in the process
  • Keys to effective communication throughout the year

Who Should Attend

Organizations that want to enhance their return on investment from Performance Management, employees needing a better understanding of their role as active participants in the performance management process and their individual development

On-site Option

This class is offered exclusively as an on-site program tailored to an individual organization.


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This customized class is available exclusively as an on-site program. Contact our on-site training coordinator for more information and to schedule your training!

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