There's been a lot of buzz in the past few years about the supposed death of performance appraisals.  The mainstream press would have you think that everybody is abandoning their performance appraisal practice and implementing completely new approaches.  Part of the problem is that too many employers have behaved as though a performance appraisal is synonymous with performance management, which is a misguided approach.  A performance appraisal should be just one component in an overall performance management process. 


We've found that those responding to surveys on the topic are not abandoning performance management, they are adding on and/or revising some aspects:  Mostly encouraging more frequent check-in meetings or coaching conversations between managers and staff, implementing rating-less reviews, and/or accepting crowd-sourced feedback—though the last two practices are less common than the first.  And, some of those reporting that they have abandoned ratings are actually giving “shadow" ratings; namely, assigning ratings, but not revealing their practice to non-management staff.  Discover what researchers are learning about “cutting edge" practices being implemented by some employers in an attempt to revamp their performance management processes. (This is a re-recorded webinar.  Original airdate May 10, 2018)


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