Learn how to legally address workplace dress codes in the era of piercings, tattoos and other provocactive attire


In the post-Lady Gaga meat dress age, appearance norms are changing.  Not only do teenage girls dream of face tattoos a la’ artist Kat Von D, but the workforce is flooded with millennials bringing a new look to work.  Visible tattoos and piercings abound, while clothing gets smaller and hair gets brighter.  Employees bend genders with new fashions, and religious expression can inject challenging elements into the workplace.  In the face of these social shifts, how does an employer maintain a clean, crisp, professional-looking workforce?  How far can you go to regulate employee appearance, and what are the outer limits?  In this webinar, we’ll discuss the parameters of sex, gender, and religious discrimination in controlling the presentation of your workforce, in a time when tattoos are the norm, pink hair is common, and the nose ring is queen.

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All level of HR and Management​


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