The way people buy has fundamentally changed.  Today’s customer is smarter.  They are ubiquitously connected via their mobile device, plugged into their social network and doing their own research to solve their problems. New developments in communications, mobility, and cloud services are enabling salespeople to engage with their customers in ways that were previously not possible. The Microsoft Immersion Experience is a special event; it’s an opportunity to gain insight into how Microsoft can immediately help you streamline and automate operations allowing you to sell more effectively by staying focused, winning fast and building trust. 

Knowing that your time is valuable, we’ve developed a true to life, hands-on, interactive session designed for professionals like yourself – Microsoft Immersion Experiences.

What is a Microsoft Immersion Experience? 

An immersion experience is a facilitated hands-on session to “Experience the Possible” by test-driving Microsoft devices and solutions through simulated, everyday scenarios. During an immersion session, you will experience the true impact of being a Microsoft-powered organization.  We’ll provide a skilled facilitator to walk you through scenarios using the latest Microsoft online services and some of the newest PCs, phones and tablet devices on the market.  

There is no set agenda. Each immersive session is unique, as it is based on the interest of the session’s participants to offer real world solutions that can solve your business challenges.

What to Expect

  • ​No slides, demos or sales pitch
  • Custom session based on your interests, priorities and needs 
  • Time to play a part - Each participant will select the character “persona” to play for the session
  • A facilitator to guide you through a live environment in the cloud to explore for yourself “what’s possible” 

What Will You Experience? 

  • How to increase sales team productivity and thus spend more time with customers: Familiar and intuitive solutions will help sellers work smart to spot opportunities and grow their accounts.
  • How to deepen customer relationships with relevant insights: Leverage internal data with external company, news, contact, and social insights about your customers to give you better insights, understanding, and confidence.
  • How to work like a network to increase impact: Gain access to the people, content, and information you need to collaborate, refine, and win - tap into the collective wisdom of the entire organization.
  • How to see your sales data in a whole new way: Customize your dashboards and drill in to discover new insights. Even ask questions and interact with data using natural language queries.
  • How you can access your sales office – whenever, wherever: Enable your salespeople to be productive and proactive with seamless mobile solutions across phones and tablets.
  • Create a world-class sales team: Drive toward desired outcomes with real-time, contextual guidance to align sales behavior with best practices


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Class Details

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