Leverage your company’s collective intelligence to generate innovative, adaptive solutions for your most complex problems and goals. 

HR Competencies

  • ​Leadership and Navigation 
  • Communication 


Learn to transform working relationships in your organization into innovative highly creative and effective Matrix Leadership Networks.™ These Network are where all employees and partners become engaged leaders who are critical to the success of the team, department and organization. This class teaches you how to: 
  • ​​Generate optimal communication where solutions and strategies emerge from the interaction of all team members 
  • Build a relational infrastructure for smart, flexible leadership networks that generate aligned decisions and actions 
  • Create a learning-oriented, results-focused culture where people are connected and highly engaged across levels and functions 
This training is optimized for skill sustainability in a series of three classes that are two to three weeks apart over a 6 week period of time. 


  • Redefine leadership - from sole leaders and experts to interconnected and coordinated teams 
  • Establish peer-to-peer communication 
  • Cultivate foundation built on trust, appreciation, and strengths 
  • Generate a high feedback culture that produces desired results 
  • Increase individual talent and optimize group intelligence 
  • Transform conflict into collaboration 

Designed For 

Those who are responsible for leading, supervising, and/or managing teams or departments or companies. This is an excellent class for new supervisors and is a cutting-edge program for seasoned managers ready to expand their skill set. 


Employers Council staff 

This class is offered exclusively as an on-site program tailored to an individual organization​.


1.30 Continuing Education Units
12.00 SHRM-PDC
Course ID #TEAM113

Class Details

No offerings for the remainder of the year. Check our new course catalog coming out this fall.

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