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To help participants learn new strategies to stay in control, set priori- ties, stay on track, and get more done than before. Both managers and non-managers alike are faced with handling multiple assignments each day. Dealing with simultaneous demands often seems over- whelming and it is easy to feel out of control. Emphasis in this seminar will be placed on practical skills to assist participants to become more organized, make choices, gain cooperation from others, and prioritize. Participants will also have the chance to work specifically on their priority problems and difficult situations. 


  • Preparing for change
  • Analyzing your multiple assignments
  • Identifying major priorities
  • Determining what’s important
  • Understanding payoffs versus priorities
  • Breaking out of “crisis management”
  • Planning and goal setting
  • Tactics for handling a multiple workload
  • Organizational tools to help you keep focused
  • Using your calendar to your best advantage
  • How to delegate and utilize available resources more effectively
  • How to avoid major time wasters
  • The enemies within—procrastination, perfectionism, and self-destruction
  • Rising above difficult situations
  • When you need to say “no”
  • When someone frustrates you
  • When priorities are in conflict
  • Using influence skills to manage co-workers’ time commitments to you Designed For Supervisors, managers, and anyone who juggles a multitude of simultaneous work assignments


1.30 Continuing Education Units
12.00 SHRM-PDC
Course ID #TIME101

Class Details

Location:Employers Council, 1799 N Pennsylvania St, Denver, CO 80203-1310
Time:8:30 am to 4:00 pm
List Price:$405.00 (5 seats available)

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