HR Competencies

  • Business Management and Strategy
  • Leadership and Navigation


Is every member of your organization on the same page? Has everyone bought in to your philosophy and way of doing business? Is every member of your leadership/management team delivering a clear and consistent message throughout your organization? With this interactive and highly engaging program, you will begin the process of gaining buy-in to your organizational, departmental and individual message, get everyone on the same page, and walk away with a renewed energy and enthusiasm for your role as a manager and leader in driving performance and results inside your organization, regardless of your length of service. Organizational and leadership alignment is a key to organizational success.


  • Aligning vision, mission, message, and mindset for the organization
  • Creating alignment and engagement inside the organization
  • Creating a clear and consistent leadership message
  • Getting everyone on the same page
  • Gaining buy-in at all levels

Designed For​

Senior, mid-level, and front line leaders, managers, and supervisors who have the responsibility for aligning departmental objectives with organizational goals to improve performance and drive results inside their organization


0.65 Continuing Education Units
Course ID #MGMT155

Class Details

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