Create your own cohort of leaders who learn together online. In today’s workplace, there is greater and greater need for leader development yet less and less time to devote to it. Leadership LIVE Online is a new offering which seeks to address this current situation. A member company chooses its own cohort group of leaders to learn together at their own pace over a period of months with a leader/mentor supporting them. They will do this by receiving content about several key areas of leadership mastery and then experimenting with their learning by trying corresponding online practices.

Program Concept

Leadership LIVE Online utilizes a proven technology-based approach based on current research about how the brain learns best. The research shows that people retain the most when they complete a task, write about it and then speak about it. In order to practice this approach, participants complete a weekly online task, next record their learnings online and then share their learnings verbally during a brief weekly phone call with their cohort group and leader/mentor.

Customized to your Culture, Language

While a standard version of the program is available, the richness of Leadership LIVE Online is that it is totally customizable to your company. Your program champion(s) take part in a “Discovery Phase” with an Employers Council consultant to determine topic areas, draw out best practices from the leading performers in your organization and co-create tasks designed for participants to apply the learning to real-time leadership. That “Discovery” becomes the basis of the online learning program for the cohort groups. Groups of 5-7 work best for a cohort experiencing the program together. Your Employers Council consultant will assist the group in getting comfortable with the process and can be available throughout the process at varying levels of support. Program Modules focus on the Leadership Domains of the “IT” (Organizational Stewardship), the “I” (Self Mastery) and the “We” (Interpersonal Mastery).

Program Duration

Participants decide on a pace that works for them, with most cohorts working together in an active learning mode for 3-6 months.

Who Should Attend

This program will work for any level of leader, with best results when cohort members are at a similar level of leadership. In that way, each member can both contribute to the group and learn from each other.

Call the Employers Council Organizational Development and Learning Department at 800.884.1328 to hear more about the process, options, and costs for your group. The process may begin anytime during the year.​


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Class Details

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