Being a leader in today's workplace requires a diverse set of skills.  Managers and supervisors are especially taxed, managing a growing number of work responsibilities and people issues, all in a shrinking amount of time.  This new offering for supervisors, managers, and leaders takes a blended learning approach providing online pre-work, half-day workshops, and access to support materials upon the close of the class.​

The Leadership Essential Skills Series is an interconnected curriculum designed to help team leaders to effectively manage, empower, and motivate their team.  The two Foundational Skills courses (the Essential Skills of Communicating and the Essential Skills of Leadership) provide the basic communication and leadership skills used in all team member interactions.  The ten additional Interpersonal competencies provide participants with proven processes to successfully handle specific team member interactions on the job.

Participants will complete online pre-work prior to each course in order to jump right to skill development and practice in each of the six live classroom sessions.  In addition, upon completion of the course, participants will have access to the online materials for the next two months to support them in their workplace applications.

Session One:  Essential Skills of Communicating and Essential Skills of Leadership

  • Objectives Include:
    • Developing an empowering and dynamic communication process to increase team members' motivation and commitment
    • Constructing and delivering clear messages
    • Applying active listening skills
    • Involving others through a problem-solving and decision-making leadership approach

Session Two: Communicating Up and Delegating

  • Objectives Include:
    • Crafting communication to meet the needs of your manager
    • Developing a plan when engaging Communicating Up discussions
    • Understanding the role of delegation and resource utilization in time management
    • Establishing team member authority and responsibility in task accomplishment

Session Three: Developing Performance Goals and Coaching Job Skills

  • Objectives Include:
    • Collaborating with team members and identifying performance standards
    • Practicing setting and communicating goal standards
    • Differentiating between training and coaching issues
    • Identifying opportunities to effectively engage team member performance issues through coaching

Session Four: Improving Work Habits and Providing Performance Feedback

  • Objectives Include:
    • Identifying unproductive work habits
    • Partnering with team members to apply new approaches to work behavior
    • Identifying opportunities for performance feedback
    • Providing actionable feedback focused on reinforcement and improvement

Session Five: Supporting Change and Managing Complaints,

  • Objectives Include:
    • Understanding the phases of change and identifying supportive strategies
    • Recognizing team member complaints, identifying underlying issues, and determining the best plan of action

Session Six: Resolving Conflicts and Effective Discipline

  • Objectives Include:
    • Understanding the impact that unresolved conflict has on work and team dynamics
    • Distinguishing between work- and people-related conflict and applying effective conflict resolution techniques
    • Following a progressive disciplinary path that is consistent with your organization's policies
    • Ensuring team members take ownership of the issue and responsibility for solving their problem

Participants will receive access to the online pre-work two weeks before the launch of the first class.​


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