Oral storytelling has a rich history in our culture as a way to store, retrieve and convey information. We are shaped by the stories we hear as well as by the stories we tell. Within an organization a welltold story can help us learn, understand business processes, influence others, create and modify corporate culture, manage change, facilitate the transfer of knowledge, and help to develop, coach, and mentor others. This session focuses on harnessing the power of narrative. Emphasis is on techniques and exercises that participants can use in their day-to-day work life.

Strategic storytelling can be used to teach, inspire, motivate and help maintain relationships. Participants will learn how to engage an audience, gain their trust and build rapport. Narrative is essential to our understanding of people and of events beyond mere fact, a key skill in one’s ability to lead and influence. Become a skilled practitioner who recognizes how stories shape us and who understands how to shape stories. As a result become more effective in meetings, presentations, facilitations and business interactions.


  • What kind of story to tell, when to tell it, and why
  • Principles and structure of storytelling
  • Competencies of a storyteller
  • Oral storytelling skills
  • Identifying the story potential in your own experiences
  • Practice telling and critiquing stories and receive feedback on your storytelling

Who Should Attend

This course is particularly appropriate for senior leaders, HR professionals, OD practitioners, trainers and anyone who desires to expand their ability to influence, communicate and build relationships within an organization, in work groups, and one-on-one


Employers Council Staff


0.65 Continuing Education Units
6.00 HRCI
Course ID #LEAD114

Class Details

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