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An Integrated Approach

Employers Council's customized Leadership Academies develop leaders on a range of key competencies critical to the organization's strategic future. This integrated approach to learning combines leadership theory with practical application and uses a blend of learning methods to address different learning styles and needs.

Leadership Academies develop leaders through 360 degree assessment, training, coaching, and application assignments to adequately prepare them for the challenges they face on the job. Employers Council consultants partner with you to build a customized program that fits your organization's needs, culture, and price point.


Development Options

Employers Council Leadership Academy Consultants work with organizations to create a customized leadership strategy, incorporating development options that give leaders the knowledge, experiences, and accountability they need to be confident and successful. Development options include:

  • 360 Degree Assessment
  • Training
  • Application assignments
  • Short-term experiences
  • Professional executive coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Strategic workplace projects
  • Leadership in action speakers
  • Teaching opportunities within the organization


Leadership Academy Benefits

  • Provides a platform for preparing the organization for the future; driving the cultural and operational changes needed in order to be successful
  • Strengthens the lines of communication and relationships within the organization
  • Increases the level of trust and respect within the organization
  • Provides the groundwork for achieving future goals and improving the performance of the organization


“I received great personal benefit from the Mountain States Leadership Academy Program. The start-to-finish process helped Grant PUD's EDP group develop its vision, mission statement, and norms; provided easy-to-follow guidance to complete individual 360 Profiles and associated workplace goals; and brought top-notch, in-house leadership training to our group. The Employers Council staff was excellent at guiding the group through the development process."

—Shannon, Grant County Public Utility District - Ephrata, WA


​Class Details

This customized class is available exclusively as an on-site program. Contact our on-site training coordinator for more information and to schedule your training!

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