The secret to learning the answers we seek is in the art of asking good questions. Aristotle once said “The quality of the question we ask, will determine the quality of the answers we receive.” In this workshop we will take a deep dive into how “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions.” We will work though why questions are so important, what questions we should ask ourselves, and what questions we should ask our teams. Asking great questions is a life changer for those that want to influence and impact others well. 

Leadership authority John Maxwell has mastered the art of asking questions, using them to learn and grow, connect with people, challenge himself, improve his team, and develop better ideas. Questions have literally changed Maxwell’s life. Topics include:
  • ​Why are questions so important?
  • What questions do I ask myself as a leader?
  • What questions do I ask my team members?
  • How do I resolve conflict and lead challenging people?
  • How can I succeed working under poor leadership?
  • How can I develop leaders?


In this interactive workshop, attendees will:
  • Uncover the secrets behind different types of questions
  • Group role plays using real life examples and struggles to asking questions
  • Practice creating great questions through our situational group activities
  • Learn about the “3 Mind Facts” that lead to greater focus.
  • Determine the secret to knowing how to use your “energy” more effectively

Who Should Attend

Individuals and teams that want to communicate better and learn how to ask the right kinds of questions for greater success, cohesiveness and effectiveness


Brenda Trejos and Andrew Knutson, Certified John C. Maxwell Trainers


0.70 Continuing Education Units
Course ID #LEAD113

Class Details

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