Do you want to impact and influence others? Would you like to take a significant step in your leadership journey? That’s why Developing the Leader Within You 2.0 is for you. Join Certified Maxwell Trainers to take a dive into what best-selling author and leadership expert John C. Maxwell shares in his newest book about what true leadership is. Why has Leadership become so important? Because people are recognizing that becoming a better leader changes lives. In this interactive session, you will learn about the importance of ​Influence, Priorities, Problem Solving and personal growth to name just a few. Developing yourself to become the leader you have the potential to be will change everything for you. It will add to your effectiveness, help you mentor others, subtract from your weaknesses,
help divide your workload and multiply your impact.


A sampling of the topics we will cover will include:
  • The Definition of Leadership
  • The Heart of Leadership
  • The Key to Leadership
  • The Foundation of Leadership
  • The Price Tag of Leadership
  • The Expansion of Leadership

Who Should Attend

This training is for those that want to grow themselves, develop their leadership skills and that want to influence and mentor others


Brenda Trejos and Andrew Knutson, Certified John C.
Maxwell Trainers


Course ID #LEAD109

Class Details

Location:Employers Council, 1799 N Pennsylvania St, Denver, CO 80203-1310
Time:8:30 am to 4:30 pm
List Price:$245.00

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