Hiring the right people can make or break the success of your business. Interviewing and Hiring II teaches participants to master their interviewing skills with useful tools and practical application. Participants will learn to improve communication skills and eliminate common interview errors with proven strategies. In this class, participants will create a candidate evaluation template to assist in making the right hiring decision based on fit with the job. Interviewing and Hiring II also provides the opportunity to participate in role playing and receive group feedback as well as a personal critique from the course instructor.



  • The interview process
  • ​Goals of the interview
  • Value of behavioral-based interviewing
  • ​Hiring for fit​
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Interview errors
  • Evaluation and selection

Designed For

For experienced interviewers who want to strengthen their interviewing skills and technique. Interviewing and Hiring I is a prerequisite to this class

​Class Details

This customized class is available exclusively as an on-site program. Contact our on-site training coordinator for more information and to schedule your training!

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Course ID #HR111

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